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Sara Pantaleo joins Inaugural CFE Graduates

La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo has joined the first group of Australian executives to complete the inaugural Certified Franchising Executive (CFE) program

Ms Pantaleo was awarded her certification at the #IFA2015 in Las Vegas on Tuesday 17th February. 

The Franchise Council of Australia introduced the CFE program in 2012. It is the only internationally recognised professional accreditation program for franchise executives and is respected by franchise leaders worldwide.

 Certification requires completion of training and seminar programs, online education, participation in FCA approved activities and industry experience.

There were only six Australian graduates in the inaugural group to receive their CFE certification.

“I feel honoured to be in this first group of graduates,” said Ms Pantaleo.  “The great challenge for all of us in the franchising sector is to remain innovative and fresh in our approach.  Continuous education is essential to keep up to date and stimulated with new ideas. I’m a great believer in ongoing training for everyone involved in franchising, including franchisors, franchisees and their staffs. 

With La Porchetta celebrating its 30th birthday in 2015, Ms Pantaleo sees her accreditation as an important milestone for the business as well.