Shopping Centres – Still an Inconvenient Truth


Should retail rent increases be based on a shopping centres’ sales performance?

Did you know that shopping centres are still trying to increase retail rents when their actual sales performance is not improving at the same rate?

Spectrum Analysis has used Property Council of Australia Data to analyse shopping centres’ performance in a revised whitepaper from 2017 to 2019.

2019 shows the state of shopping centres across Australia to be deteriorating in performances against inflation – yet rents are expected to increase at much higher rates.

In 2017, Spectrum Analysis undertook a study of shopping centres and showed that although rents were increasing at around CPI plus two to three per cent , which equated to around four to five per cent, shopping centres were not growing at the same pace.

To read more,  access the whitepaper via this link:
Shopping Centres – still an inconvenient truth – Spectrum Analysis Australia Whitepaper