Short-Term Work Given a Full-Time Makeover


An Australian-first way of searching and recruiting for short-term work arrives with the launch of game-changing employment service, OneShift ( With the casual work force continuing to grow, OneShift enters the market with a brand new digital platform, designed to remove the cost, time and risk for both employers and employees.

The site marries job seekers with job offers using a model not dissimilar to that exploited by dating websites. OneShift covers off all mainstream industries, as well as the obscure, which is inherent to the success of sign-ups to date (20,000 available candidates and over 1,000 jobs posted)*.

OneShift’s accessible video resume facility provides employees with a 21st century platform to illustrate their qualifications and personality, whilst the employer can see the ‘real CV’ getting video evidence as to how the candidate presents themselves. The online public star-rating system puts ownership back onto the employee to excel in their role.

To ensure jobs are always filled, and casual workers always have cash, OneShift will also be releasing a brand new app later this year allowing businesses to have access to immediate and up-to-date information on potential staff. Highlight features will include geo-location updates on resumes as job seekers move from one location to another, a 12-month dynamic calendar and an instant chat function with video camera.

This exciting approach to job searching, and job fulfilment, fills a gap in the market and transforms the employment process nationwide, making the searching of a new role easier than ever before.

Allowing businesses across Australia to fill their part-time, last minute job vacancies at an hour’s notice, OneShift offers a minimal investment, highly time-efficient service that complements the quick and demanding recruitment industry.

Managing Director of OneShift, Genevieve George, who came up with the concept whilst travelling around Europe, identified a gap in the market, with a need for work on a short-term basis to cover basic costs.

“There are a huge number of students, mums, young workers and travellers not wanting to commit to full-time work. Couple this with the enormous amount of shift work available, OneShift becomes an obvious creation.

“OneShift is there for both employers and employees, removing time and cost for both parties across the country.”