Slurpee Australia social media campaign wins international Shorty Award


Slurpee’s Thrills, No Spills social media campaign was announced as the winner of the Food and Beverage Category in the international Shorty Awards in New York this morning, beating social media campaigns from food and beverage brands across the world.

Created by one of 7-Eleven’s digital creative partners, Isobar, the Slurpee Thrills, No Spills campaign was focused on driving sales of the new Slurpee Sports Bottle.

According to 7-Eleven Head of Brand and Communications, Jess Richmond, the new sports bottle launched over winter to drive Slurpee sales in the colder part of the year.

“While the concept of a sports bottle is not new, we wanted the way we communicated it to be unique and trailblazing, just like Slurpee,” Ms Richmond said.

Isobar Creative Director, Carmela Soares, said their creative team was excited about the opportunity to help their client continue to be bold in their advertising.

“7-Eleven are willing to try new ideas and be innovative with their campaigns. This gives us a lot of scope from a creative perspective. We had to make sure the content was fast paced, fun and full of Slurpee,” Ms Soares said.

“We created relevance for a product by dramatically pointing out its most distinct feature: it’s a bottle, so it doesn’t spill. To prove this, we created ‘Thrills, No Spills’ and put the traditional Slurpee cup against the new Slurpee bottle to see which could withstand the extreme activities many of our audience enjoy.”

Thrills, No Spills’ saw the Slurpee cup battle it out against the Slurpee Sports Bottle in a giant slingshot, and then took the Slurpee Sports Bottle to new slurping situations such as a Vomatron ride, flipping on a trampoline, surfing, and even doing yoga.

Ms Richmond said Thrills, No Spills really resonated with Slurpee’s audience, delivering excellent results.

“The campaign certainly surpassed even our expectations, with huge increases in digital engagement, and bottle sales much higher than anticipated, particularly for this time of year.”

“The bottle campaign was so popular with customers, that we are bringing the Slurpee Sports Bottle back in May, with great new designs in BPA Free, dishwater safe bottles. I’m really excited to see the new Slurpee Thrills, No Spills moments the team come up with,” Ms Richmond said.