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Snap Fitness Announces Major Expansion in Japan

Global Franchisor Lift Brands has announced a partnership with Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd. to expand its Snap Fitness brand into Japan, growing the remit of its APAC operations.

The partnership with Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd., will enter the Japanese market by opening 300 locations across the country. Planning is underway for the flagship location in Tokyo, which is expected to open this year. Additional locations will soon follow in Osaka and other regions.

Lift Brands APAC CEO Ty Menzies said he is excited to work with Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd. to expand the Snap Fitness brand further into Asia.


“Snap Fitness has a proud history in Australia and New Zealand, building a strong consumer brand in the market and delivering a valuable investment for club owners,” said Mr Menzies.


“Over the years we’ve become more than just a convenience gym; our programs have evolved to encompass holistic health and wellbeing using leading equipment and technologies to help members achieve their goals. I have no doubt our model will be extremely well received in Japan.”


The partnership will be managed by Lift Brands APAC team, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

Japan is the World’s 11th most populous country, with 126 million people. Only 3.3 percent have a gym membership, presenting an opportunity to change lives.


“Snap Fitness has been successfully providing innovative fitness services in a sustainable manner across the world for over 15 years,” says Kazuki Takenouchi, Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd.’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.


“Global Fitness Japan believes Snap Fitness will enhance the wellness of all people’s lives in Japan by providing technology-based, results-driven workouts.”


In February, representatives from Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd. attended “Snap University” in Minnesota to understand Snap Fitness’ focus on sustainable innovation, boutique atmosphere and latest technology.


“We decided to team up to achieve the mission of wellness for all people. Embracing the knowledge and experience of Snap Fitness, Global Fitness Japan will offer our members a variety of innovative services such as machine training, personal training, Heart Rate Training, and Virtual Training,” says Naoto Shibuya, Global Fitness Japan Co., Ltd.’s Director & Chief Operating Officer.