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Snap Fitness Member has Life Saving Experience

Snap Fitness member Mark Lampard owes his life to his friend and training partner Craig Harper – and the readily available AED machine at his local Snap Fitness club.

The friends were training together when Mark suddenly collapsed, striking his head on gym equipment as he fell. Craig initiated effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) before other gym goers used the club’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


 “Fortunately, I don’t remember a thing, but it is slowly sinking in how lucky I was,” Mark said.


“A few weeks after the incident I was looking at some photos of my daughter’s graduation and I realised that they could’ve been the last photos she had with me if not for all those that came to my aid so quickly.”


An AED is used to analyse a person’s heart rhythm and if required, it can shock a person’s heart back into a functioning rhythm.

Snap Fitness Franchise Governance Manager Martin Pearce said that even though businesses are not obliged to have an AED on site, Snap Fitness has committed to fitting out its network with the life-saving devices.


“Over the past three years, we’ve proactively worked to ensure all Snap Fitness clubs in Australia have an AED onsite and readily available, and as we’ve seen from Mark’s experience, this device can and does save lives,” said Martin.


“Ensuring staff and members have access to first aid equipment is a priority, and we strongly encourage other businesses and fitness providers to make AEDs available in their local community.”


Victoria Ambulance Paramedic Vanessa Cross said Craig’s quick thinking, effective CPR and gym goers using the AED, all contributed to a positive outcome.


“We really commend Craig for quickly recognising that CPR needed to be done and starting effective chest compressions,” Vanessa said.


“Pre-hospital care in Victoria is world class, but it all starts when a bystander steps in and starts compressions. Once someone starts CPR, the chances of survival for a cardiac arrest doubles,” she said.


The 54-year-old father of three spent time in The Alfred Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and had a defibrillator inserted and is slowly returning to exercise.

He returned to the club this week to thank his friend and gym partner Craig, the bystanders and paramedics on the scene who ultimately helped to save his life.


“I can’t thank my friend Craig, those in the gym and the paramedics enough for their help on that day – because of them I have no brain or artery damage,” Mark said.