SNAP set to launch its Vaxxed for Freedom campaign

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SNAP Franchising is deeply connected into the small business heart of the Australian community, with it’s over 130+ SNAP Franchise centres all small businesses who in turn deal with thousands of fellow small to medium businesses across Australia.


As the nation has battled the COVID pandemic, forcing it to lockdown and close borders in a desperate effort to contain the dreaded Delta strain, all SNAP businesses have shared the same pain experienced by millions of small business owners across the country.

The question SNAP asked itself as an organisation was what they could do to get behind the vaccination effort, to encourage people to get vaccinated so that we can get our businesses open across the country.




“We wanted to get involved in a campaign that supports small business in being open and one that encourages the community to get vaccinated as quickly as possible,” said Mr. Thame.

The campaign will be ‘Vaxxed for Freedom’ which will see pins made available to members of the public and signs and posters to business owners, helping all to let the community know that they support vaccination and for business owners to display that they are a safe and fully vaccinated business.

“We are seeking to partner with media businesses to spread the word and retail outlets to allow the community to get access to something that sends that positive message,” said SNAP’s Chief Growth Officer, Sonia Shwabsky.

With the pins designed and the supporting materials being prepared, the public and business owners will be able to access material to show their support in late September.

“For so much of this pandemic we as a community and as business owners have felt a sense of helplessness, with this virus controlling so many aspects of our lives, vaccination is the one thing that we can do to restore control and the freedom we all want,” said Ms Shwabsky.

Mr. Thame said that the purpose of the campaign was a way for all of us who can, to do our bit to get the nation open and for us all to get back those freedoms that matter so much.

“Lockdown is something that has shown how important human contact is for us in life, whether its time with family and friends, the ability to travel and go where we want or simply have a yarn with a fellow business owner, supplier or customer.”



“We have all missed the little things so much and what we want to do is encourage every Australian to get their sleeve rolled up and to be vaccinated so we can get back to living,” said Mr. Thame.