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Snap-on Tools – 100 Years of Excellence


You may know that Snap-on Tools is the top choice of professional tool users, mechanics and engineers around the world. What you may not know is that Snap-on Tools is also a great franchise opportunity.

A Snap-on franchise is a mobile showroom on wheels that brings the complete retail-shopping environment straight to their customers – right where they work.

The Snap-on business model is a proven system that has made Snap-on a market leader since 1920. With 4200 franchised mobile stores, the franchise brand is one of the largest non-food franchisors in the world – operating in 130 countries, including franchise operations in 13 countries.

As Snap-on Tools prepares to celebrate 100 years of excellence Business Franchise magazine spoke to three of their highest achieving Australian team members.


Endless opportunities

Neil Southey is the Business Manager for Queensland, and New Zealand is Snap-on Tools longest-serving Australian employee.


From a young age at school Neil always had ambitions of one day being self-employed and running his own business, “I saw Snap-on as an opportunity to head down that path,” Neil says, “and the opportunities have been endless.”


On the most rewarding part of his job, Neil says “I would have to say over the last 30 years working with Snap-on it would have to come down to relationships formed, through the sharing of knowledge with individuals who have a common goal to succeed. My role is that of a facilitator in guiding people through their tenure with Snap-on and making tomorrow better than it is today.”


“I surround myself with influential people who are motivated and committed to helping people succeed in small business. Motivated and committed people to drive sales, and this is important to our franchise network.”


 “A franchisees success is my management team success and a win/win for the franchise network. We ride all the highs and lows with our franchisees, and in return, they help grow a base of happy customers.  I try to maintain a high level of expertise in the areas that enable my franchise performance team to fulfil our customer promise and earn the right to their business,” explains Neil.


Financial freedom

With an increasing number of franchisees achieving success and even joining Snap-on’s Million Dollar Club, Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand provide a clear franchise framework to pursue a new career path to financial freedom.

Daniel Pirozzi an ex-employee, now a Snap-on franchise owner, and Million Dollar Club member says financial freedom was his initial motivation for becoming a franchisee. Still, he also wanted to be involved with a company he could follow with pride and passion.


“We are solutions providers. I make sure I’m consistent with my visits, make my tools affordable, and invest in knowledge to help my customers achieve an increase in productivity. Partners in profitability, we call it,” explains Daniel.


Daniel says, “Joining the Million Dollar Club was excellent. I far exceeded my own personal expectations for my first year of business. It gave me even more faith in the business model, and obviously awarded me a nice income for the year as well.”


Confidence to invest

Allan Honess a Multi-Unit Franchisee and the 2020 Franchisee of the Year has also added the Million Dollar Club to his list of achievements with the Snap-on brand.


Although lost for words when we talk about his achievements with Snap-on, Allan says, “It certainly was a great honour to win these awards.  I don’t really believe in luck or being lucky as such, but I do believe that the harder you work – the luckier you seem to get, so that’s what I stick to.  Having excellent support at home also helps, Erin my lovely wife is usually close by late at night helping with orders or taking care of the bookwork, as most will know it’s never down to one person, it’s always a team effort.”


On his reasons for investing with Snap-on Tools, Allan says, “I had come to a time in my life where I was looking for a change. I was already working long hours in my current career and not seeing any form of financial benefit, so I started looking at options. Snap-On had an awesome franchise programme, support and long history behind it, which gave me the confidence to invest in the Franchise.”


Day-to-day Allan says, “I enjoy seeing the products and service we provide create excitement, and having our customers tell us how good the items are next time we visit and how it helped them do their job easier or quicker.”


“We really try to make sure we are the highlight of our customers day, anything from fixing an issue they have, down to just having a laugh and putting a smile on someone’s face.  We try to find the right products for their requirements and hopefully make their job a little easier,” explains Allan.


Advice for future franchisees

All three men can agree that potential franchisees should follow their passion, do their due diligence and go for it!


“As a franchisee, you enter into a franchise system, and if I had any words of advice, it would be, do not reinvent the wheel. Keep sight of the values that drew you to make your decision to go into a franchise of your choice. Always maintain open communication channels as franchising is like a marriage, and everything needs to be a two-way street,” explains Neil.


“Do your due diligence and fully research all the pros and cons of franchising. Snap-on is a partner in your profitability, and to achieve this; it requires mutual respect. Co-operation, commitment and communication are the real building blocks of success in any franchise chain,” says Neil.


“Basically, you get out what you put in, if you are interested, it is not hard to contact Snap-on and see what they can do for you.  It is an awesome business, and if you want to work for yourself, not scared to get in and have a go, then the foundations are there.  You need to get in and build on it and grow your own business,” says Allan.


On advice for other potential franchisees, Daniel says, “Do it! If you’re not afraid to get out of bed and work for your money, there’s no reason you can’t succeed in this business. There are 100 years of proven business success. The model, if applied as intended – in my opinion, can’t fail.”


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