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Snap-on Tools: Owning the Diagnostics Market

Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand today launched its latest diagnostics platform – the Solus Edge – as a key part of its new invitation-only mobile diagnostics showroom, the Diagnostics Roadshow. The Roadshow is a mobile showroom, providing direct access for workshop owners, operators and employees get face-to-face with the entire scope of Snap-on’s diagnostic tools and equipment.

As a world-class mobile professional tool franchise, Snap-on has long been recognised for its expert diagnostic product range. The addition of the Solus Edge sees the introduction of the thinnest Snap-on diagnostics tool to date, featuring a re-designed eight-inch screen, faster processing time and advanced graphing features.

“The environment of the workshop has fundamentally changed,” said Paul Lynch, Manager Diagnostic and Equipment Groups. “Today six out every ten vehicles entering into workshops require a diagnostic tool to complete a basic service, repair or inspection. The business of car repair has moved into a new digital age, and we need to take workshop owners and employees with us. It’s not longer enough to know about the physical aspects of car repair – mechanics and auto technicians are needing to rapidly become literate with the  essential digital requirements.”

“The introduction of Solus Edge, with its keyless operation and booting up in under 5 seconds, is the latest in a long line of our diagnostic platform innovations,” explained Paul.

“The diagnostics industry moves as quickly as car technology does, and only Snap-on Tools has the investment in research and development to stay one step ahead of the game.”

Snap-on Tools is dedicated to supporting their customers from the moment they invest in the new product – offering in-depth online training programs and videos for users. But the training and support goes a great deal further than that.

In order to help educate and inform, Snap-on Tools has developed the Diagnostics Roadshow – a mobile opportunity for workshop managers and employees to be kept up to date on industry innovation and developments. The invitation-only Roadshow will be travelling the country in 2015, showcasing the latest tools, testing and diagnostic methods. Staffed with an experienced and dedicated diagnostics team, the Roadshow provides valuable advice on selecting the correct platform to use, tailoring to suit specific workshops and supporting the workshop owner in maximising the return on using diagnostics units.

“We’ve long since identified that workshops who have up-to-date equipment and knowledge about diagnostics are more likely to increase their revenue,” explained Paul. “It’s important that we support the wide network of workshops – both dealerships and local outfits – to be able to accurately and efficiently identify and repair. The Diagnostics Roadshow is a mobile education unit, stocked with leading edge diagnostic innovation but supported by in-depth experience and knowledge.

“We’re looking forward to rolling this out to workshops across the country,” Paul said.