The team at Soccajoeys and their franchise partners are passionate about childhood development, having fun and being active. This passion is clearly infectious, with Soccajoeys seeing continued expansion this year! Originating in NSW, Soccajoeys soon expanded into SA, followed by VIC, and more franchise partners have been spreading their enthusiasm for child development through soccer in QLD since April 2018. WA will see its first Soccajoeys franchise arrive in July 2018. The Soccajoeys brand is growing, and with good reason. Soccajoeys programs do not only offer fun, rewarding experiences for the children enrolled in them, but also provide a healthy, flexible and fulfilling lifestyle for their franchise partners.

The key to Soccajoeys success is thanks not only to its passionate people, but also the varied programs that the company offers. With seven product offerings in total, there is something for children of all ages to enjoy and benefit from. These programs are completely customisable and flexible depending on the franchisee’s preferences, ensuring a positive experience for the kids and the Soccajoeys franchise owner.  

Whether it be Minis (2.5 – 3 years), Preschool (3 – 5 years), Junior (6 – 8 years), Primary School-based programs (prep/kinder – grade 6), Daycare programs (2.5 – 5 years), a 3 day School Holiday program (5 – 12 years) or a fun, energetic birthday party package, Soccajoeys has a program that all kids can enjoy. All seven programs are designed and perfected by the team at head office, and all the support, information and advice a franchisee could need is provided to them to ensure the kids and franchisee have a positive experience. A franchisee can choose to provide all the programs within their territory, or pick which ones they feel suit them best. This flexibility not only promotes a great experience for the children enrolled, but also ensures a great work/life balance for franchisees.

In the last 12 months, developing and delivering programs to primary schools and childcare centers has been extremely positive for Soccajoeys, with many more thousands of children having access to the program, whilst reaching their developmental milestones. Aside from the school holiday program, all Soccajoeys programs are run during the school term, providing an enjoyable lifestyle and flexibility for franchisees. 

Head office provides on-going support for all Soccajoeys franchisees, including a centralized franchise management system – through which franchisees can access their territory directly – supply for all online and physical marketing material and collateral, a local area marketing and business plan to help you hit the ground running, centralised call centre, as well as full training and constant support and advice from head office

While some Soccajoeys franchisees come from a background in soccer, many people have joined Soccajoeys as a franchise partner with no prior soccer experience. All you need is a passion for working with children, a driven, motivated attitude, and the desire for flexible lifestyle full of fun and action. Head office offers advice around recruiting coaches, finding appropriate locations and develops all the programs for the franchisee to deliver and pass on to the children enrolled in their local Soccajoeys program.  With a focus on childhood development and programs designed to complement the early years learning framework and school PD/H/PE curriculums, Soccajoeys is as much about physical and mental education as it is about a love for soccer.

Soccajoeys is currently in the final stages of launching into Singapore, meaning the company is on the way to becoming an international brand!  



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