Soul Burger plants its first franchise deal in Parramatta!


DC Strategy is excited to announce that Soul Burger has signed its very first franchise deal in its home state of New South Wales.

The news comes after launching their franchise development program last year and appointing DC Strategy as their franchise development partners to help grow the brand across New South Wales and around Australia.

Soul Burger has teamed up with a young and determined entrepreneur, Hasan Kassid to grow the new franchise restaurant in Inner West Sydney. The proposed Parramatta location will serve as the Western Sydney anchor for the Soul Burger Group and continue to provide plant-based inspirational food to Sydney locals.

Dr Amit Tewari, Soul Burger’s Founder, stated:

“We’re so excited to have our first franchise partner trained, on-boarded and ready to represent the brand in western sydney. Hassan’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious! We serve the world’s most amazing plant-based burgers and have created a seriously lean, efficient, profitable model for our franchisees to make great returns on their investment”.

As the impact of COVID-19 begins to reduce its grip on Sydney and Australia, Soul Burger has shown resilience and innovation in adapting to an increasing delivery model through its own loyalty app, which boasts more than 18,000 active users and 3 successful existing locations in Sydney. By pioneering their own delivery, they are able to keep their own customers’ data through their white-label delivery and avoid paying egregious commission fees. They have also built a franchise model where “head offices” are inside restaurants, and any rebates from suppliers are collated into a non-for-profit marketing fund for the benefit of all franchise partners.

Dr Tewari further stated:

“We have two interdependent missions within Soul Burger. The first is to pioneer and popularise brilliant plant-based comfort food throughout Australia. The second is to serve the dreams of our franchisees. We don’t want large overheads, and people in suits sitting in offices. Everyone and everything is on the ground floor in our restaurants – our focus is customer satisfaction, amazing food, and the success of our franchise partners”.