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Soul Origin wins 2017 QSR Sustainability Award

Australia’s fastest growing quick service restaurant, Soul Origin, has won the Best Sustainability Initiative award in the QSR Media Detpak Awards 2017, for their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Over the past 12 months, Soul Origin has rolled out several key initiatives in their quest to support the community and take care of the environment, including its support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, raising over $40,000 and donating an additional $10,000 in product to the charity.

In addition to their support of the Starlight Foundation, Soul Origin has also made a commitment to environmental sustainability by introducing bamboo salad containers with 100% biodegradable lids, reducing CO2 emissions and offering vegetarian options to encourage Australians to consume less meat.

General Manager of Soul Origin, Chris Mavris, said the company was honoured to be awarded the Best Sustainability Initiative award, which was presented to a fast food or fast casual restaurant who thinks beyond profits.

“Social responsibility is at the core of Soul Origin. We are a family operated business which values taking care of one another, in and outside of our organisation. We are coincidentally in the business of customer ‘service’ and we have a duty to contribute back to the community who has supported our business’s growth,” Mr Mavris said.

“The funds we have raised for the Starlight Children’s Foundation have contributed to helping over 1,025 sick kids get in-hospital access in the Starlight Caption Program, replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter.”

“We love what the Starlight Foundation is doing for families, brightening the lives of children and sharing our philosophy of making a difference for families through positivity and good experiences.”

Soul Origin has also been recognised by QSR Media for their dedication to implement environmental and sustainable practices across the brand.

Mr Mavris said the brand has applied environmental practices everywhere possible, ranging from ingredients, the product offering in-store and most importantly the packaging.

“Soul Origin has reduced landfill by 1,000,000m2 over a one-year period by changing our salad containers from plastic to bamboo. The containers are also topped with a 100% biodegradable lid,” Mr Mavris said.

“We buy Australian wherever possible. We believe in supporting local farmers which ultimately means we are sourcing the freshest and best quality ingredients available.”

“We also support local suppliers rather than seeking national suppliers, with many of our suppliers within walking distance of our Support Centre.”

“Soul Origin is more than a QSR Brand, we embrace our responsibility for the planet and we strive for the best sustainable practices possible.”

Helping Australians has also inspired Soul Origin franchisees to group together to start their own charity. In the future, Soul Origin will work towards opening a charity to help children and orphans, donate to ongoing organizations in need as well as reducing their environmental footprint.