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Sphere Goes Global with Tealive

Tealive, the fun and exciting modern drink brand that has taken Malaysia by storm, is now set to take on Australia and the world.

Tealive founder and Chief
Executive Officer, Bryan Loo

Tealive founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Loo, said, “Australia is an ideal territory to test a brand’s potential global appeal, being a diverse, western country that’s located in the Asia-Pacific region. In many ways, we see Australia as the gateway to the west.”

Tealive is looking to open 40 stores in Australia by 2020, and has appointed an independent, Melbourne-based agency, The Sphere Agency, as its global strategic partner. The agency will work at the highest level across the business, as well as create the brand’s first global work.  

“Sphere will play a vital role in helping us build a successful Eastern brand that also appeals to the Western market,” says Loo.

“What attracted me to Sphere was they have a brilliant core team that excels at creating big ideas and then collaborating with internal teams and specialists from around the world to bring them to life. This model makes rolling out global work much less challenging.”

Sphere founder and Executive Creative Director, Michel Abdel, said, “We’re incredibly excited to be playing a part in bringing Tealive to the world. Bryan is one of those rare and inspiring entrepreneurs who not only has the ambition to dream big, but the know-how to make those dreams become reality. When he says he wants to open 1,000 stores in the next three years, it’s no pipe dream. We look forward to helping him make Tealive famous around the world.”