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Sports Pro Keen to Improve the Lives of Local Kids

An accomplished baseballer who has played in the World Baseball Classic, the Italian Baseball League and 3 years in the San Diego Padres Baseball Franchise, Alessio Angelucci has always been keen to pass on his knowledge, skill set and love of sport to kids. After witnessing his nephew’s enthusiasm for the Ready Steady Go Kids program, Alessio knew it was something he had to get involved with.

According to Alessio, the children thrive on the variety and excitement of being exposed to so many different sports within the one program. “Offering 10 sports on rotation keeps the children enthusiastic about attending all their lessons for the term,” said Alessio. “Both boys and girls really love the variety. The sessions are fantastic in terms of building competence and confidence, while also boosting school readiness and general life skills.”

“Having an accomplished sportsman like Alessio join us is certainly a bonus,” said Stuart Derbyshire, Director of Ready Steady Go Kids. “His passion for the program and its benefits is a real motivator for his team of qualified instructors and, of course, the kids!”

Physio-designed for children aged from 2.5 – 6, the Ready Steady Go Kids program has proven to hit all the right buttons for preschoolers across Australia. Aimed at creating positive attitudes to exercise that children will carry with them for life, sessions are offered at over 150 locations nationally. Classes cover the fundamentals of 10 different sports while developing age-appropriate motor skills. Kids also learn about sportsmanship and cooperating with their peers, making the program a great precursor to school days ahead.

Ready Steady Go Kids

The program’s gross motor activities focus on skills like running, crawling, galloping and jumping. Balance and posture activities include beanbag balancing, heel-toe walking along lines and balance obstacle courses. According to Alessio, the children thrive on the variety and excitement of being exposed to so many different sports within the one program. “Seeing a child smile with satisfaction when they have managed to follow and complete a rountine successfully is wonderful. They inevitably want to repeat it over and over again.” Still active in soccer and surfing on the Northern beaches, Alessio is keen to encourage local kids to find out for themselves how wonderful this program is.

Franchisee of the Brookvale Ready Steady Go region, Alessio is determined to make a difference in the lives of preschoolers on the northern beaches. Currently offering sessions at St Matthews Church, Manly on Saturday mornings and Manly Vale Community Centre Monday and Friday mornings, Alessio plans to offer more venues in the near future to cater to growing demand.

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