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High profits from an unusual industry

Ask most people about repairing or resurfacing concrete and many will have little or no idea what you are talking about. Many people also don’t realise they have a problem with their concrete until it becomes obvious. What problems can you have with concrete? It’s very hard and lasts forever, right? Unfortunately, there are a range of problems that can occur, and they can be very serious. Concrete can become slippery, cracks can form, concrete can break up, it can look unappealing, create trip hazards, cancer, weathering, efflorescence and more. On top of this there are a list of choices for resurfacing concrete, spray paving, epoxy, polishing, colouring, sealing, three-dimensional images, staining, imitation slate, sandstone or timber.

There is a whole industry built around concrete repairs and resurfacing. What if you want part of the action and profits, how do you go about it? You might try to teach yourself over many years with lots of expensive mistakes and unhappy customers or you could fast track yourself with a Spray Pave business license.

Chris Bylhouwer has been in the industry since 1991 and had sold several franchises between 1998 to 2006, before moving to a licensee system. Chris says, “In the early days it was mostly only spray paving, then over the years we just kept adding more trades to service what customers wanted and made even more profits.” Mr Bylhouwer explained that training was only a small part of building a successful business.

Having an established name to trade under, customer contracts, finance for customers, seven year written guarantee on jobs, Australian call centres, three business guarantees, plus a team of on-site professionals as your support systems, all combine to a fantastic turnkey, low-risk business opportunity.

An average driveway can be completed by one person over two to three days, with profits of $2,000 to $3,000. A larger shopping centre may take three people, seven to 10 days with profits into the thousands. The secret to having a larger business, is having more staff completing more trades. Completing quality jobs, ensures more customer recommendations and leads to less advertising spend.

Operating under a business license means it is a fully independent business. That means having full control over how you run your business and earning and keeping all your own profits. Mr Bylhouwer explained how the business license system works, “As a one person business, people can earn up to $3,500 per week or more with staff. We have taught many people without experience and our systems allow for that. Because we are a license not a franchise, people have full control over their business, without any extra greedy fees or other restrictions. We offer six days training, three days at our Adelaide training centre followed by three days follow-up training on the licensees own job site anywhere in Australia”. Asked about the payment plan, Mr Bylhouwer explained “The business is $37,500 plus any equipment. We also offer an easy payment plan from only $5,000 deposit, then monthly payments of under $340 per month, which is less than one day of work. We don’t palm you off to a bank, we take the risk with you just like a partnership”.

This truly is an unusual industry. Just like mowing is a must-do for lawns, repairs and resurfacing is a must-do for concrete.

Concrete is the most commonly used material on earth with no sign of replacement which means the industry is always growing and will be around for years ahead.


Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd

Est’ 1991

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