With lockdowns lifting and life slowly returning to normal, Andy Knights, COO of children’s services franchise Stagecoach Performing Arts says that parents are understandably keen to reintroduce their children to their usual routine and make up for any lost learning caused by school closures—making the demand for after-school clubs and classes higher than ever.

Stagecoach Performing Arts has been delivering singing, dancing and acting sessions to children around the globe for over 30 years. Now, 21 years on from the launch of our first Australian franchise, the need for a creative and liberating outlet for young people is more apparent than it’s ever been.

“Over the last year, our children have missed school and have had no choice but to forgo social occasions with friends that are so important during childhood and early teen years. For them, routine, familiarity and independence to explore their own passions will provide some sense of certainty. Studies have also proven that, by regularly attending interactive group activities, like our singing, dancing and acting sessions, a child’s ability to learn in a traditional schooling environment increases.”

As a testament to the need for children’s fun and engaging after-school activities, Alison Tasker, owner of a Stagecoach Performing Arts franchise in Perth South, has launched a new territory, bringing Stagecoach to the busy suburb of South Fremantle. In addition, the latest Sydney franchise territory—for which Stagecoach is currently in the process of recruiting a franchisee—is already gaining a significant amount of interest. Prospects are keen to invest in trusted, established children’s services providers to fulfil this high-demand area.