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Subway® Sweethearts: Love Grows After A Deliciously Romantic Encounter


He’s into the Italian BMT® on Italian Herb & Cheese bread, and she’s into the Chicken Classic on Malted Rye bread. They say opposites attract, and across a bustling Subway® counter, this love story is living proof. Amidst the aroma of freshly baked bread and a tantalising array of toppings, Andrea and Brendan found themselves on opposite sides of the sandwich unit at Subway®.


Little did they know their differing tastes would serve as the perfect recipe for a love story as unique and delightful as their customised subs. For months, Andrea, the maestro Sandwich Artist® and restaurant manager behind the counter expertly crafted Brendan’s daily Italian B.M.T.® Subway Footlong® Sub.


Brendan, a polite, easy-going and loyal customer, developed a penchant for both Andrea’s sandwich artistry and pretty blue eyes. His request for his sub to be extra-toasted may have held up the line, but for him, it was a secret ploy to ensure their brief daily interaction lasted a little longer. After several months and many Subway® sandwiches, Brendan finally mustered the courage to turn his order into an invitation and ask Andrea out on a date that would change their lives.


Exchanging “I dos” in a ceremony as heart-warming as a toasty sub, the couple, now proud parents, own a Subway® restaurant of their own where they have found the perfect recipe for happiness. Andrea spills the secrets on how their Subway® love story unfolded.


“We met in 2010 at Subway® Cannon Hill. I was managing the restaurant, and Brendan was a regular customer. “He came in all the time, and I would notice if he didn’t stop in for lunch. “We used to chat while he was in the line, and after a few months, he asked me out over the counter. “It was busy and noisy in-restaurant, and I didn’t hear him at first. “Then I heard him say, “Well, what’s your phone number?”


“From there, the rest is history. Many subs eaten, a few different restaurants, a baby and a house. “We married in 2016 with many of my Subway staff and the previous franchisee present. “The decision to purchase our own Subway restaurant was spurred by family. “Our son Harry (now age six) was a preemie born at 35 weeks. At a tiny 1.75kg, he spent his first 21 days in the hospital. “As well as Harry we also have daughter Mia who is sixteen.


“We wanted something that was our own. We knew the brand; we loved the brand and had seen the success of previous franchisees. “Having spent many years learning my craft and running multiple restaurants, we decided to step outside our comfort zone and buy a restaurant. We now own Subway at Gumdale on Brisbane’s Bayside. “Subway is where it all began and to celebrate, we still get Subway every Thursday night for date night.”