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Successful FCA National Roadshow on Federal Government’s Franchising Code Review continues

Franchisee and franchisor support for the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) National Roadshow on the Federal Government’s review of the Franchising Code has been extremely positive with strong turnouts in all States and Territories.

The FCA is committed to widespread collaboration and has already held an Online Policy Forum as well as meetings in Perth, Sydney and Melbourn as it gathers valuable input for its submission to the review including insights and concerns on the Code’s potential improvements.

The next scheduled session is Brisbane on Tuesday 19 September from 10-1130 after the QLD Insights Breakfast (register ).

FCA Chair Brendan Green expressed his gratitude for the members’ participation, saying, “We want to extend our sincere thanks to all of you who have dedicated your time and support to join us in these consultations. Your commitment is essential in shaping the future of franchising in Australia.”

The roadshow is focused on the 22 criteria outlined by the Code’s reviewer and aims to gather practical insights from those with direct operational experience in the franchise sector.

Brendan Green emphasized the importance of providing real-world examples to support proposed changes to the Code: “Our approach is to highlight the areas where the Code is working effectively and, equally important, to pinpoint those aspects that require improvement through tangible examples.”

FCA CEO Matthew Monaghan emphasised the importance of input from both franchisees and franchisors in shaping the submission. “We are determined to ensure that our submission reflects the practical realities of operating a franchise business. The alignment of challenges faced by both franchisees and franchisors and examples of the current frustrations will lend greater weight to our recommendations,” he stated.

“We are dedicated to making this consultation process as interactive as possible. Your feedback is invaluable, and we aim to represent a wide range of voices in our submission so please share your thoughts with us via”

To maintain transparency and inclusivity, the FCA encouraged franchisees and franchisors to hold advisory council meetings to discuss and compile common challenges and concerns.