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SumoSalad Wins Best Innovation Award with the MySumo App

SumoSalad, Australia’s largest healthy fast food restaurant chain, has been awarded the ‘best innovation’ award for health at the prestigious QSR Media Detpak Awards in Sydney today.

Accepting the award on behalf of SumoSalad, Chief Customer Officer Lawrence Mitchell said as customer preferences and trading environments continue to change, the pace of our customer- driven innovation continues to grow and we are so pleased to be able to offer an application like the MySumo App to our customers.

“At SumoSalad we are completely focused meeting our changing consumers’ needs by making our food more convenient, and even better value,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Sumo’s mission is to make Australians healthier and a key way to do that is by giving them access to fresh, good quality food that makes people feel amazing.

“The MySumo app is a tool that not only helps customers to access our great food more conveniently, but rewards them for developing healthy habits.

“This new direction is a way for us to continue to fulfil our mission of making great tasting, nutritious food accessible, which is a huge issue affecting millions of Australians at the moment as we continue to be inundated with low cost junk food.

“We want to take Australia off the podium of being one of the world’s fattest nations.”

Mr Mitchell said that SumoSalad would be opening further stores in areas where customers were expecting healthier options, including Sydney’s prestigious International Airport Terminal, at the Virgin Terminal in Melbourne, at Monash University, as well as more Caltex sites.

He said SumoSalad would also be launching a pilot of a direct delivery service to homes and offices.