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Households and businesses are spending more on energy, and power prices in the news are prompting more consumers to take a fresh look at their energy consumption. The good news is, SuperGreen Solutions leads the market as Australia’s premier adviser, supplier and installer of household and commercial energy-efficient solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view and provide customers with total energy efficiency solutions for their homes and businesses.

The creators of the company have been in the energy efficiency industry for over 19 years and have established a solid reputation spanning three continents.

The SuperGreen team are excited to be launching the Australian first, mobile franchise leg of the business to market, a huge work in progress over the last few years. Founder and Managing Director, Sean Cochrane, is confident that SuperGreen Solutions Direct will become the largest sector of the business both for SuperGreen in Australia but also for SuperGreen globally. We spoke to Sean to find out more about this exciting development.

Who are SuperGreen Solutions, and what do you do?

A one-stop-shop for energy-efficient products, SuperGreen is a full-service provider of energy-efficient solutions and green living outcomes. First opened in Queensland, Australia, over the past 19 years, SuperGreen has grown to over 51 locations in over 13 countries.

“Our philosophy of reduce before we produce enables us to reduce consumption and CO2 emissions and increase efficiency and savings through our ability to bundle products and solutions,” says Sean.

“We offer solar power, battery storage, electric vehicle chargers, energy management and home automation, LED lighting, efficient water heating, insulation, skylights and ventilation, so you can see we are a one-stop-shop.”

SuperGreen Solutions is backed by and linked to an international buying group to ensure the company’s competitive pricing edge. This group includes Energy Efficient Products of Australia, SuperGreen Solutions of both the USA and Australia and Americas United Franchise Group.

“Power in numbers enables the best brands at the right price; our long term goal is to save you and your client’s energy and money.  We take delight in demonstrating how neutral costing or positive revenue can be achieved through various items in our product range, and also showing our customers that best practice does not necessarily translate into higher costs. Our team takes pride in using sustainable Australian made products wherever possible” explains Sean.

“SuperGreen Solutions has made this industry direct as we can now take the showroom and office direct to the customer.”

How are you different from your competition?

“I love this question, as a rule, most other companies only provide one or two products, such as solar power and battery or skylights and ventilation but at SuperGreen we can offer the complete range of energy-efficient products to customers,” says Sean.

“And now we have a Wi-Fi-connected mobile office and showroom that enables us to take our products to our clients and do business on the spot. Nobody shops like they did 15 years ago. The mobile offering is us listening to what builders, new home buyers, and consumers have been requesting. It is the first of its kind, and it’s called SuperGreen Solutions Direct.”

Tell us more about SuperGreen Solutions Direct

“This is simply a mobile SuperGreen Solutions showroom. It’s a showroom in a van that goes directly to the clients. It’s the world’s first mobile energy-efficient specialist, that can go direct to the customer” explains Sean.

“Let’s face it; the way business has been managed in the past, will not be how a business will be conducted in the future. It’s here; it’s now; it’s fresh; it’s mobile; it’s modern, it’s efficient, It’s green, it’s direct, and it’s SuperGreen.”

SuperGreen Solutions supplies and installs four out of the top 10 growing product sectors in the world today, and according to Sean, “That’s just the beginning because we have found a way to take it mobile – to take it directly to the clients with SuperGreen Direct.”

Only with SuperGreen Solutions Direct, can you gain access to the worlds most trusted brands products and provide multiple solutions for your clients. Take your business to where it’s needed, to where the business is at the time. Then provide the solutions that the clients need. SuperGreen Solutions Direct enables you to do more business, more cost-effectively, more efficiently and more often.

What do you look for in a franchisee?

“As a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee you will be able to offer residential clients, business owners, builders and the construction sector, Government and commercial clients a unique energy-efficient solution, saving everyone in costs and energy while also reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.”

“You will help your clients save money and enable them to differentiate themselves from the competition via green products and green marketing initiatives. You will be able to deliver services such as sustainability planning, world-leading brand name products, product installation, product, energy and dollar saving monitoring tools, as well as claiming their rebates and offering after-sales services, in one clean and green business.”

SuperGreen Solutions offer full training, at their head office and then on-site in the new area or territory. SuperGreen provides franchisees with, uniforms, marketing material, training, quoting tools and systems, along with access to world-leading brand name products, so you can start selling from day one.

SuperGreen is reaching out to anybody that would like to work for themselves, that has an interest in the environment, energy-saving, construction, finance, global warming and climate change.

Sean says, “Lately, we have seen a lot of interest from entrepreneurial types or electricians and plumbers looking to get into business and spending less time on the tools. But who are wanting access to world-class brands and a proven franchise leader that gives them a trusted identity.”

Where to from here?

SuperGreen has 51 locations globally, and while the group have been mainly based in Queensland, Sean says “With the launch of the SuperGreen Direct Mobile franchise offering we are looking to open 150 Mobile locations in the next three to five years”.

Sean Cochrane is an energy efficiency and sustainable products expert with a wide range of experience and knowledge in the industry. He is a Certified Green Partner (CGP), a LEED-certified Associate, is an advisor to the Developers and Builders Alliance, and has received many business and management accolades.

SuperGreen Solutions offers an outstanding business opportunity that truly is environmentally friendly. From the start, you will be able to promote yourself as a reliable, credible, authority with energy-efficient products as well as being a part of the world’s largest business service franchise systems. Our credibility becomes your credibility.

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