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Survey Launched For 2016 Franchising Australia Report – Participate Now!

The biennial survey of franchising in Australia, which provides the basis for the sector’s definitive benchmarking report, has now been launched.

Australian franchisors are strongly encouraged to participate in the survey so that it provides the most accurate insight possible into the state of the country’s diverse franchising sector.

The 2016 Franchising Australia Report will mark the 10th instalment of this invaluable resource – the only longitudinal, university-backed study of its kind on Australian franchising.

The Franchising Australia Report is undertaken by Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence and supported by the Franchise Council of Australia. It dates back to 1998 and has been updated every two years since.

Centre Director Professor Lorelle Frazer has led the Franchising Australia Report research since its inception and says the depth of experience, knowledge, data collection and analysis that goes into each report ensures its unrivalled standing in the Australian franchise sector.

“The biennial Franchising Australia surveys are recognised by the Australian Government as the benchmark for identifying the country’s franchise population and a huge amount of systematic research goes into the publishing of each report,” Professor Frazer said.

“It is exciting that this year will mark the 10th biennial instalment of the Franchising Australia Report, and we are proud that the report continues to grow and mature along with the sector which it represents.

“It is a leading resource for the sector and its data plays an important role in influencing the policy advocacy and development, innovation and support that will shape the future direction of franchising in Australia.”

The latest Franchising Australia Report from 2014 identified a total of 1,160 franchisors and 79,000 franchise units in Australia. Total sales turnover for the franchising sector was estimated at $144 billion, with more than 460,000 people directly employed in franchising.

Professor Frazer said the dynamic franchising sector crosses over many industries and comprises businesses of all shapes and sizes, which together are a major contributor to the Australian economy. She said it is essential for the future of the sector that as many franchisors as possible participate in the survey for this year’s Franchising Australia Report.

“Data collection is at the heart of the report backed by a robust research methodology and analysis that ensures we paint the most accurate picture of exactly what is happening in franchising in Australia today, including the key trends, challenges and opportunities for the sector and all those operating in it,” she said.

Only those who respond to the survey will gain access to the report in 2016. As an added incentive, survey respondents will also receive access to the full recordings of the presentations from this month’s Franchise Management Forum.

“Franchising is a robust, vibrant and exciting part of the economy,” said Mr Bruce Billson, Executive Chairman of the Franchising Council of Australia (FCA).

“At the heart of the franchising system is innovation along with an entrepreneurial spirit which can produce rapid change. This survey is an integral part of understanding the changes to this important part of the economic landscape.”

“The ability to turn data into insights and action is essential in business today, especially in an area as dynamic as the franchising sector,” said Damian Paull, the FCA Chief Executive Officer.

“In order to remain relevant and assist our FCA members, it is vital that we gain a clearer understanding of the changes, trends and issues that have emerged over the last two years.”

“We would strongly encourage our members to complete the survey and take advantage of any early insights, not immediately available to the broader industry.”

To participate in the survey for the 2016 Franchising Australia Report access it here