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Sushi Sushi Serves Up at Australian Open

Leading Japanese food retailer, Sushi Sushi has announced it will again be available for players, media and tennis fans to enjoy at Australian Open 2018.

For the third year in a row, Melbourne’s favourite sushi provider will be offering high quality Japanese cuisine at Melbourne Park, demonstrating its commitment to providing Australians with healthier options at major sporting events.

Sushi Sushi CEO Scott Meneilly said that convenient, on-the-go Japanese cuisine continues to grow in popularity at the tournament as well as nationally.

“The growing popularity of Sushi at the tennis aligns with the growth that we are seeing in the market, particularly at this time of year. Last year we sold 30,000 sushi packs at the tennis, and this year we expect to sell over 50,000. Furthermore, with currently over 120 stores nationally, we are expecting to grow our footprint by 14% in the next 12 months to meet the growing demand for healthy, nutritious and convenient food options.”

“This year, we will be focusing on product innovation, starting with the expansion of our product offering to include fresh and light, summer salads and using only the best ingredients, continuing to deliver on taste and quality while expanding our offering.”

“The launch of the new salad range at the tennis will coincide with Sushi Sushi introducing salads on our menus nationally, which is a really exciting introduction for us as a business as we continue to grow and meet the demands of our customers.”

The two leafy dishes on offer at the tournament include the crispy chicken salad and the renowned Tuna Mayo in a salad, while Salmon Poke rice salads will be the third dish featured on Sushi Sushi’s menus nationally.

With all food made fresh daily, Sushi Sushi’s presence at the Australian Open includes the player’s café, the media café for journalists and news crews, as well as various satellite locations throughout the arenas making it easily accessible for everyone attending the tennis.