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Swimart appoints new Franchise Development Manager

Swimart, one of Australasia’s largest pool and spa specialist groups, has appointed a new dedicated Franchise Development Manager. The position is not so much about recruiting new franchisees, but of finding the right partners for the business.

Alex Johnson will be working closely with new Australian and New Zealand franchisees to help start their own Swimart business and really tap into the lucrative pool and spa care industry.

A senior entrepreneurial executive with over 10 years’ experience in the franchise industry, Alex is known for his passion for franchising and working with people.

“I really love working with franchisees and helping them to set and achieve their goals – seeing people achieve things they never thought possible is so satisfying,” says Alex, who has an impressive track record in the sector, including leading one of Australia’s largest franchise networks of electricians and developing the country’s first dedicated bathroom renovation franchise network.

With 73 franchise outlets across Australia and New Zealand, and a fleet of more than 250 mobile service vans, Alex says Swimart is a strong brand that’s cleverly adapting to the changing needs of the marketplace. 

“My job is to find the right franchise partners who are conducive to success and have a real passion for customer service,” he says. “I’ll be focusing on developing the Swimart brand and identifying new areas around the country where the market is crying out for a Swimart presence.”

Location no barrier

With a retail or purely mobile service available, Alex says it is easier now more than ever to open a Swimart franchise.

“Swimart has some of the best performing locations in some of the coolest climates – Victoria and New Zealand – so it challenges that idea that pool care operators only do well in warm areas,” he explains. “So, our goal is letting people know what we already know, and that is you can have a highly successful pool and spa franchise anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

“Today’s candidates are very discerning when it comes to reviewing any franchise opportunity,” he adds, “which is great because they get to see the lifestyle and return on investment that the Swimart opportunity brings – not to mention the diversity of income.

“Just like our franchisees, for me to be a part of a brand I need to believe in it. I can see that this long-standing, trusted brand has really invested in the future and I’m excited to be a part of that journey.”