Swimart introduces Swimart Academy for new and existing franchisees


Swimart, Australasia’s largest pool and spa specialist, has significantly improved its training system with the introduction of the Swimart Academy system for all new and existing franchisees.

New franchisees are offered the 23-day training system as part of their business induction training, with ongoing courses available for owners and team members.

Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart Australasian manager, says ongoing professional development is essential for Swimart franchisees and staff to be able to offer their customers the best possible advice. 

“Owning a pool or spa entails a level of knowledge that takes time to learn,” says Fitzmaurice. “The better educated our franchisees are, the better they can serve their customers and anticipate their needs.” 

       The Swimart Academy courses can be completed online or in tandem with in-house one-on-one training. The eLearning component is comprised of four levels:  

      Basics courses:  For individuals new to the industry (or those who want to refresh their knowledge), this course covers the different types of pools, spas, materials and construction. The water chemistry basics component provides knowledge in water chemistry, water balancing, water testing, basic calculations and chemical dosing.

       Professional courses: Designed for franchisees, pool technicians and senior team members who need more advanced knowledge and skills. The Certified Technician Qualification includes modules about contamination, water problems and disinfection, water chemistry, water circulation and filtration and maintenance issues.

       The Master Technician Qualification imparts expert knowledge about how to prevent serious water borne illnesses such as gastrointestinal disorders, skin, ear, eye and respiratory illnesses and wounds. 

       Industry related courses: Produced by Waterco (franchisor of Swimart) exclusively for Swimart. Current courses include: Water balance and chemical treatment.

      Product related courses: Provides in-depth training about specific products

“We believe this enhanced training system is a substantial benefit for all Swimart franchisees and potential franchisees, as it sets industry standards and encourages product knowledge excellence allowing franchisees to offer the best possible service to their customers,” adds Fitzmaurice.