Sydneysiders and Melburnians turn to delivery app as inflation plays havoc with grocery prices


The world’s leading Asian food delivery platform HungryPanda is reaping the rewards of its fresh food delivery service PandaFresh as it takes the east coast by storm.




Operating across the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand, it was launched in Australia in April 2021 and has seen its popularity surge in 2022 with over 150,000 users across Sydney and Melbourne.

Since launching, the user base has grown 15-30% each month and the number of orders has increased almost 80% this month alone compared to the previous quarter as consumers look for the cheapest and most reliable options in a volatile grocery market.

As inflation and the cost-of-living crisis takes its toll, PandaFresh is able to offer something that most supermarkets and grocery stores can’t’ right now – availability and affordability.

Kitty Lu, Director of Public Affairs for HungryPanda says “We have seen a strong increase in users and order frequency recently. We are able to reduce a lot of costs associated with groceries and the consumers can see that we are consistently lower than the average on staple items and fresh produce”.

Customers can lock in their orders with PandaFresh’s live products listings and optimised pricing, knowing they will get what they need. This is something supermarkets are struggling with as inconsistent availability of fresh vegetables and staple items, as well as fluctuating pricing makes it tougher for consumers to guarantee they will get what they need.

PandaFresh has a centralised model, dealing directly with suppliers and fulfilling orders from their own facilities. This model cuts out the extra cost of dealing with supermarkets and other stores, allowing them to fill oversight of stock levels and helps to adjust pricing.