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The Health, Fitness and Beauty Industry is booming with franchise opportunities.  In today’s world keeping healthy and fit and looking great has taken a turn. It is now not a luxury but a necessity.

Owning a franchise that’s focus is around well being and living life to the fullest can be so rewarding as you help customers meet their full potential and live a vibrant lifestyle.

So our feature article this issue is to let you all know about the franchises leading the way in helping people lead their best lives promoting all the good stuff we all need.


Ella Bache

Ella Bache is Australia’s only national skincare franchise.  Joining the Elle Bach family you will have access to premium products and services available in over 120 salons and 39 David Jones stores Australia-wide.  Even better, you don’t need to be a qualified Beauty Therapist to get in on this journey, you just need a passion for quality skin care and a commitment to helping people know exactly what their skin requires to stay strong, healthy and radiant.  The added bonus is that they are 100% Australian owned!


Ella Bache will also be with you every step of the way from providing training education and marketing support.  On top of this a dedicated Business Manager will be with you to provide support and guidance to you to build a successful salon in your chosen area.


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Laser Clinics

Looking to get in on the booming aesthetics industry?  


The Australian aesthetic devices market was valued at approximately USD 201.10 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 371 million by 2026.


Well you can’t go past Laser Clinics Australia.  Women and Men all over the country are flocking to have years taken off their appearance using cosmetic injectables from anti wrinkle, lip fillers,  brow lifts and the list goes on.  Not only do they have a process to stop time they also provide Laser Hair removal, so throwing out the razors and wax laser hair removal is fast, safe and cost effective and it’s9 permanent!


Laser Clinics Australia offer ongoing support and training by offering training programs, operations support and business management tools. You will be setting up everything you need to run a successful clinic.  Laser Clinics offers a 50/50 partnership model which will reduce your startup costs significantly.  You will also have an attractive remuneration package of $100,000 per annum from day one.


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Just Cuts


Moving on to hair…who doesn’t love going to the hairdressers to sit back, relax, grab a coffee, a style cut, wash and blow dry to start your day.  This brings me to Just Cuts.  


Just Cuts is the largest hairdressing franchise in the southern hemisphere and a proud Australian family owned business.  


Prospective franchisees do not need any business or hairdressing experience to own your own Just Cuts.  Just Cuts will supply you with a proven franchise system that has been providing support to their franchisees for over 30 years.  


As a Franchise Owner, you’ll always know upfront what your franchise fees will be. Plus, they offer a trusted range of professional haircare and styling products, JUSTICE Professional™, which will provide you with a second tier of earning potential.  Just Cuts are so confident in their franchises they offer a seven day written guarantee with their style cuts.


Just Cuts business model has been digitised with a range of support available online, including an e-learning platform, print marketing ordering system, retail reward program and Point of Service tools.


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Lets now have a look at the Fitness and Health Industry for the young through to the golden-ager.


Listen to your body


Start your career right with a Fitness Franchise.  


As our focus shifts towards Health and Fitness develops and people turn towards taking care of their mind as well as their body, the demand for exercise has increased.


LTYB offers a unique individual workout experience within a group environment. They have over 16 studios and thousands of members.  LTYB workouts are tailored to the individual this is why they are dominating the market as their workouts are customised.


So if you’re keen to jump on board and change someone’s life positively and your own, LYTB offers a comprehensive franchise induction program, ongoing training and development and EPIC Annual Conference, PT recruitment support, quarterly onsite business coaching and a dedicated business manager.    


LYTB has everything on hand to help you get started and stay at the top.


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Plus Fitness


Plus Fitness is an Australian owned company which has been operating since 1996. Plus Fitness has sold over 250 franchises with gyms located across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Plus Fitness is a lifestyle choice that has an attractive appeal.  If you are committed to motivating people and helping them achieve their goals every day then this franchise is for you.


Plus Fitness starts from scratch with you. You choose where you would like to open, they then help locate and secure your property along with the Council consent.  You are then given the training and support you need, they fit your gym and then you’re ready to open up and start helping people make better choices and support them on their journey all the while helping you operate a successful financially beneficial business of your own.


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Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is a 24/7 operation gym that provides a simple turnkey system, simple processes and world class support making it easier than ever to own your own fitness business.  Snap Printing has a 5 star FRANdata ratio with financing options available, Snap Fitness is your next smart move.


Snap Fitness is dedicated to making their members feel fantastic by helping them move their bodies which in turn boosts their mood.  Their success story is a global network of 1,000+ clubs and 1 million + members in more than 20 countries.


If you are looking for a tried and tested business model which will reduce your risk allowing you a lifestyle to enjoy then this is where you can start:-


Little Big Sports


Now, if you’re looking to promote health and fitness for the younger generation, what a great way to start by offering a sport centered around fun play while learning a great game.  Little Big Sports is a structured soccer program for 2.5 – 12 year olds.  


So is your passion kids?  Would you like to give them a kick start on their health journey early?  Then we may have found just what you are looking for.


Little Big Sports programs are run at kindergartens, child care centres and schools.  Making them versatile and accessible to a range of businesses to keep your new business in demand.  


You will walk away with a sense of pride every day as you improve the lives of so many children by offering them the tools to encourage team work, follow instructions, learn basic and fine motor skills and coordination and how to enjoy social interaction.


My First Gym

My First Gym gives you all the providing a healthy environment for our kids to learn from, but they are also dedicated to raising money for local charities.


This franchise will have you working within the community and impacting the minds of our future generation with a  healthier more active lifestyle.


My First Gym will provide you with ongoing support working in a family friendly environment and a growing network to help you start up your business.  Forecasted return on investment of 3 years with the potential to recoup your initial investment within 2 years.


My First Gym is here to inspire little and big kids, our club design is fresh, vibrant and exciting. Our specialized equipment is designed to ignite the imagination.


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