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Australia’s Official Lotteries launches new retailer remuneration model 

Australian retailers selling Australia’s official lotteries are set to benefit from a range of new initiatives being introduced by some of the lottery operators at ‘the Lott’.

In March 2019, a new Retailer Remuneration Program was unveiled to the Lott’s network of around 3800 retailers. A number of new customer initiatives are also due to be introduced, including a free customer membership, win notification SMS service, digital wallet and a new-look the Lott membership card.

The Retailer Remuneration Program was developed in consultation with industry groups and retailers, and incorporates performance-based remuneration which, amongst other things, gives each franchisee the potential to earn commission on digital sales if they achieve the required performance measures. [Separate pull quote: The Retailer Remuneration Program gives every franchisee the potential to earn commission on digital sales.

General Manager of Lotteries Retail Antony Moore said the Lott’s new initiative ensures that retailers benefit from their customers’ evolving use of digital channels to complement their visits to physical retail outlets.

‘The program aims to provide customers with a consistent and seamless shopping experience, regardless of how they purchase – from shopping in a physical store, or digitally from a desktop or mobile device,’ he said.

‘Importantly, this program is the result of months of consultation with retailers and key industry groups, including the Australian Lotteries and Newsagents Association (ALNA), Lottery Retailers Association (LRA) and Victorian Association of Newsagents (VANA), to benefit both our customers and our retailers.

‘It provides our retail network with a new performance-based remuneration model – a commission-sharing model that allows outlets to receive a share in digital commission from customers who also purchase in retail, and access to commission on digital purchases by customers that have signed up as a result of being activated to join in store.

‘We know our customers want free membership, we know our customers want a simpler sign-up, and we know they want faster access to their prizes, so we’re making that happen.’

The new Retailer Remuneration Program is subject to regulatory approval and small price increases to some lottery products.

The new Retailer Remuneration Program will not be introduced to South Australian retailers at this stage. The Lott is currently working with the regulators and government with the aim to work towards the inclusion of South Australian retailers in the future.

For any small business owners thinking of becoming franchisee with the Lott, these customers and retailer focused changes will mean you have the opportunity to join Australia’s largest retail franchise network and an industry-leading franchise business.

The Retailer Remuneration Program aligns with best practices implemented worldwide, and with support from the Lott, franchisees have the potential to grow and expand their business through better customer experiences.

For more information on franchising with the Lott, and the Retailer Remuneration Program, please contact or visit