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The Unspoken Customer – Customology’s 2023 Australian Customer Values Analysis

In February 2023 we surveyed thousands of Aussie customers to learn how they feel about the way brands communicate with them, and how they’re rewarded and recognised. We sought to hear from the unspoken customers, those who talk with their wallets, not their social media likes.


It turns out that customers are not as loyal or as silent as you think. The insights captured revealed:

  • 48% believe brands lie in their marketing communications
  • 71% of customers think brands are too pushy in their marketing communications
  • 69% of customers don’t trust brands with their personal information
  • 55% don’t believe they are rewarded for their loyalty
  • 80% are rarely or never thanked after making a purchase
  • 90% of customers don’t want a feedback survey

This research speaks of a crisis of trust between brands and their customers. Customers are giving brand’s their personal information but they still feel like they’re being treated like a number.


Throughout this report, we’ve included our thoughts, recommendations and ideas along with comments from market specialists to help you make the right decisions for your brand to create customers for life.


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