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Towards a $50 Million Casual Dining Business

Since 2006, Gami Chicken has served more than 55.2 million pieces of delicious chicken, and they’re just getting started!


Time-poor Australians are increasingly turning to casual dining options. Gami Chicken, a Melbourne-born casual dining restaurant, is advancing towards $50 million in brand revenue through its franchise-based business on the back of the increasing popularity of affordable casual dining.

Launching its first restaurant in 2006, Gami Chicken didn’t immediately set its sights on capturing a share of the casual dining market. Yet almost two decades later and with 37 stores across Australia, Gami Chicken’s high-quality food that fuses traditional Korean family recipes with colourful Melbourne Laneway culture has captured a growing number of Australians’ attention. The company is targeting 15% YOY in-store revenue growth and is on track to grow to 42 locations by the end of 2023.

Gami Chicken has navigated consumer changes towards hospitality which has been impacted by recent higher interest rates, inflation, and global supply chain issues, but have also enjoyed the benefits of the casual dining sector’s success which is also buoyed by consumer sentiment, lifestyle trends and tourism, which is resulting in an increased demand for casual dining restaurants despite budget restrictions.

Gami Chicken, with it’s casual in-restaurant dining option, variety of tiered menu options affording consumers from all walks of life an opportunity to eat out, and warm hospitality and service in a friendly and informal setting, offers a social dining experience many Australians are seeking.


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