Traffic-stopping feeding frenzy in CBD


The opening of Sushi Sushi’s 111th store brought lunch time crowd to a standstill in Centreway Arcade last week. Hordes of hungry Melbourne office workers lined up at lunchtime to take advantage of Friday’s Hand Roll Frenzy.

Australia’s favourite and largest sushi franchise gave away two free famous hand rolls – over a thousand in total – in a frantic one-hour hand roll frenzy during the peak lunch time rush in Melbourne’s CBD precinct. General Manager of Marketing Gavan Meadows said, “It was the perfect introduction to this area”.

“We wanted to open with a bang but we were completely blown away by the response. People were queuing out the door like they were lining up for a ride at Dreamworld,” he said.

“Our dedicated Sushi Sushi team were run off their feet as they made over 1100 hand rolls in the hand roll frenzy hour, which is absolutely incredible – an outstanding effort and sets a tough opening store benchmark!”

This latest Melbourne store opening is part of ongoing national expansion plan by Sushi Sushi, according to Gavan.

“Sushi Sushi has been market leader since it first expanded its operations and became a franchised brand way back in 2002 and that expansion is continuing,” he said.

“We expect to open many new stores in the coming year and I think there is a lot more potential for growth yet in many parts of the country. We are being inundated right now with new franchise enquiries as people want to get involved with a high quality brand like Sushi Sushi”.

“Australia’s love affair with sushi is growing stronger every year and customers are growing more discerning, so we understand the importance of meeting customer demands for quality sushi products and also satisfying their taste for great quality ingredients and freshness – which will be an important part of how Sushi Sushi continues to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

Sushi Sushi’s new store is located in Centreway Arcade, 259-263 Collins Street, Melbourne.

For more information, contact: Heather Potter at, 0431 856 598