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A True Hands-Off Approach

Andrew Barton Laundry Systems was established over 60 years ago to service the Queensland laundry market. The business was built around sole distributors of the world-famous Speed Queen brand of commercial laundry products.

The Laundry industry is going through its very own digital revolution, and today, Andrew Barton has officially launched its unique Managed Laundromat Service (MLS). The Managed Laundromat Service has been designed to take advantage of the latest digital technology, including their own cashless payment system and remote security monitoring, which has opened up the laundromat market to investors who want a truly hands-off approach.

The Managed Laundromat Service not only includes finding the right site, specifying the perfect mix of machines, and managing the fit-out, the Andrew Barton team also handles all ongoing management of the laundromat on your behalf, including the cashless payment system, machine maintenance, cleaning and monitoring of security. All you have to do is check your bank account! This service is ideal for a serious investor who may want to open several laundromats.

However, every investor is different so they can have as much or as little involvement in the process as they want. Andrew Barton will tailor a package to suit the investor’s goals, provide a site review to ensure they get the right location, advise on what to look for in a rental contract and help with the fit-out as needed.

While it’s true that anyone can develop the skills needed to run a laundromat, opening one is a different matter and opening a successful one is a real skill. From finding the right site and negotiating a favourable lease, to developing the correct mix of washing machines and dryers,  working with an experienced fit-out team, Andrew Barton has many years’ experience an investor can call on to make sure their investment has the best chance of success.

Many of Andrew Barton’s investors come back for more. Firstly this is because investors get fantastic returns but also because the process is so easy to understand. Andrew Barton is fully transparent and provides all investors with a dedicated Project Manager who will develop a project plan hand in hand with them. This gives complete visibility at every stage.

Andrew Barton laundromats are an excellent long term investment primarily because the Speed Queen machines last for so long. An investor can expect day after day of reliable running for 15 years or more without the need for significant reinvestment, so once the initial set up costs have been recouped the additional profits become even more attractive.

What sets Andrew Barton apart is their knowledge of what makes a successful laundromat and their ability to provide a complete, end to end, fully managed service is unique. Their Speed Queen products are the toughest on the market so with Andrew Barton on your side, you have the best chance of success.

For more information on how Andrew Barton can help you realise your investment dreams, please contact us at or call us on 1800 304 030


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