VEGANS, SAY CHEESE! Zambrero Introduces Vegan Cheese Across Australia!


Vegans, Say Cheese!

Zambrero introduces vegan cheese to the menu across Australia

“Grate” news plant-based-diet-lovers, Zambrero launches today its vegan cheese. The premium quality, non-GMO, and gluten free vegan cheese will be available as a regular menu item across all 170 Zambrero restaurants in Australia…and what’s more it’s permanent!

Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world. Having seen an upsurge in popularity of its other vegan alternatives, including a spiced cauliflower filling, Zambrero made the unquestionable decision to continue to expand on its ability to cater to all dietary requirements.

Carrying out a not-so-secret, state-wide trial in Victoria earlier in the year, Zambrero received an overwhelmingly positive response to the new menu item and requests flooded in for a national roll-out. Bianca Azzopardi, Zambrero CEO comments;

“Across the industry we have seen an increase in the desire for vegan-friendly products, not only by vegans but also those that are lactose intolerant and health conscious. We know it can be tricky to find consistency in plant-based alternatives, especially that taste really good, and we continue to aim to position Zambrero as the first choice for a healthy, vegan-friendly meal.”

Zambrero’s vegan cheese is made with coconut oil and has a cheddar flavour. It does not contain lactose, whey, or casein, making it suitable for customers that are lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy products.  It also contains no soy or palm oil.

From bowl to burrito, taco to quesadilla, vegan cheese can be added to any product as an extra for $1[1] and is available from today across the country.

[1] Vegan cheese can be added to nachos as an extra for $2