Viva Leisure Limited (ASX: VVA) (“Viva Leisure” or “the Company”), a leading technology-focused  Australian health club owner and operator is pleased to provide a trading update for the two months  of March and April 2022.  



Key highlights for March and April 2022: 

  • Record monthly Revenue Run Rate (RRR) of over $9.5 million in both March 2022 (31 days)  and April 2022 (30 days), an increase of over 10% on February 2022. This compares to the  June 2022 RRR target of $10 million 
  • 150,000+ Corporate owned location Members, an increase of circa 5,000 over the two month period  
  • Entered the Western Australia market via Plus Fitness acquisitions, currently operating three owned locations, with another three exchanged contracts to be settled this month 147 Corporate owned sites (with three additional WA sites to be settled in May 2022).  Expect to complete FY22 with 150+ corporate owned locations 

Commenting on the Company’s strong performance, Viva Leisure CEO and Managing Director, Harry  Konstantinou said: 

“Viva Leisure’s strong growth momentum has continued, with March and April seeing the Company  rapidly approach the key milestone targets for the year ending June 2022. With a net increase of  5,000 corporate owned location members over March and April we now have over 150,000 corporate  members delivering a monthly revenue run rate of over $9.5 million. We are confident that the $10  million June revenue run rate target will be met.  

“We continued to increase our geographic footprint, entering Western Australia via three Plus Fitness  acquisitions with an additional three exchanged contacts to settle over the next few weeks. Our  gyms now span five states across Australia, with 147 Corporate owned sites. Upon settlement of the  three exchanged contracts in Western Australia, we will achieve our 150 corporate owned site target  for the financial year in May. 

“The last two months have clearly shown that we are back, stronger than ever, and very focused on  executing our growth strategy as Australia’s leading technology-focused health club and gym provider.”


About Viva Leisure: 

Founded in 2004, Viva Leisure operates health clubs (gymnasiums) within the health and leisure industry. Viva Leisure’s  mission is to connect health and fitness to as many people as possible and aims to provide its members with affordable,  accessible and awesome facilities.  

Viva Leisure offers customers several different membership options and a range of different types of facilities from big-box  fitness facilities to boutique fitness facilities. It operates 147 locations within the Australian Capital Territory, New South  Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, together with the master franchise for the Plus Fitness group of  approximately 200 clubs in three markets – Australia, New Zealand and India.