Warm up your Winter with Lindt


In one of their highest profile collaborations to date, Gelatissimo have proudly partnered with esteemed Swiss chocolatier Lindt to deliver their latest campaign – a cosy combination of creamy gelato and indulgently flavoured couverture chocolate.

“Winter is a season where we can truly embrace decadence,” says Gelatissimo CEO, Filipe Barbosa. “Our partnership with Lindt has allowed us to really explore this concept, creating the most delicious flavour profiles with an incredibly luxurious product.”




The first flavour on offer is a CHOC CARAMEL FUDGE MADE WITH LINDT. A chocolate gelato made using molten Lindt chocolate and rippled with a smooth, luscious caramel fudge sauce, this classic choc caramel flavour combination has been taken to a whole new level of decadence.

The second addition to the range is DARK CHOC PISTACHIO MADE WITH LINDT. Again, molten Lindt chocolate is used to create a rich, chocolate gelato that is then rippled with a pistachio cream. Made using a blend of chocolate and 100% natural, dry roasted pistachio paste, the pistachio cream complements the richness of the gelato, creating the perfect balance of flavour and texture.



“It’s been truly amazing to work with such an esteemed partner as Lindt on this campaign. We can’t wait to see how much our customers across Australia enjoy these flavours,” says Filipe.
Both flavours will be available at all 41 Australian Gelatissimo stores from Friday the 11th of June for a limited time only.