Wasps and Termites to Swarm this Summer: Jim’s Pest Control


Jim’s Pest Control’s 50 franchisees Australia-wide have reported an increase in call-outs concerning wasps and termites this spring, with fears for a real problem over summer if they are not dealt with now.

“We have noticed a marked increase particularly in wasps and also termites,” said Jim’s Pest Control Divisional Manager John Paton.

“Wasps love creating nests on our buildings and gardens and can be extremely dangerous particularly to children in summer as they swarm and can sting.”

“Termites on the other hand, are harder to spot, but can be causing enormous damage to your property,” John said.

“We deal with every pest control situation. Some clients can be quite traumatised by the nasties that they come across

“Our franchisees have an average of eight years’ industry experience and can provide unbiased expert advice and implement pest management systems to give safe, reliable and effective treatments every time,” John said.

Jim’s Pest Control has recently celebrated signing on its 50th franchisee making it the fastest growing division in Australia’s largest franchise group.

What to do if you find a wasp nest on your property.
• Keep Children away.
• Keep Windows and Doors Closed
• Keep sweet and sticky foods stored securely.
• Keep Garbage secure and locked