Why Nurse Next Door’s 24/7 Care Services Centre is such a value add


Though new to the Australian market, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is already redefining what it means to support franchise partners.

Nurse Next DoorAmber Biesse and Matt Fitton, who established Nurse Next Door Australia in October 2018, are not surprised by the immense growth they are experiencing. They firmly believe their Care Services offering has been instrumental to their success and the success of their franchise partners.

They took some time out to talk to Business Franchise Australia New Zealand and discuss how their Care Services platform has propelled this Canadian brand into the Australian home care market.


24 Hour Support

“Nurse Next Door’s Care Services Centre is designed to make life easier for Partners by supporting them in some of the most difficult and burdensome aspects of running a home care business,” Amber says.

“It consists of a highly-trained customer service and scheduling team that are available for clients and franchise partners, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Matt explains that “while it is tremendously helpful for Franchise Partners to know that they can focus on growing their business, having confidence that Care Services is there to support them also gives clients and their families peace of mind when receiving care from Nurse Next Door, with 24/7 access to the help they need.”


Scheduling and 24/7 Monitoring

The home care industry has many complexities, but the scheduling of client visits can become an overwhelming and crippling aspect of a business. “Care Services addresses this issue head-on, while also providing our clients with consistency and reliability around their care,” Matt detailed.

Once staff are scheduled into visits, Nurse Next Door’s Care Services platform takes it one step further with the 24/7 team monitoring attendance to ensure the safety of clients and caregivers. This gives Nurse Next Door’s franchise partners the assurance that caregivers have attended the visits as scheduled and that their business’ reputation is secure.


One Best Way

Amber explains that “Care Services encompasses much more than intakes, scheduling and attendance monitoring; it’s a critical part of the Nurse Next Door business that helps us provide operational excellence.”

“This centralised system”, says Matt, “is exactly what assists everyone at Nurse Next Door to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and innovate.”


Focus on Scaling

From intakes to data analysis, Nurse Next Door’s Care Services Platform redefines what it means to have 24-hour support. Amber and Matt believe that the overarching benefit of utilising a system like theirs is that it allows their franchise partners to focus greater attention to sales and marketing activities in the community, thereby driving client intakes and company growth.

“Franchise Partners are able to focus on scaling their business, knowing that they are well supported in “back end” operations,” Amber explains. “Supported by a highly tuned technology stack, and high levels of data and detailed analytics, Partners are able to keep a close eye on all aspects of their business. This in turn is critical to ensuring that both HeartQuarters and our Partners meet their business objectives,” Matt adds.


Matt and Amber know that leveraging Nurse Next Door’s ‘One Best Way’ approach to client and care team management through the Care Services platform, paired together with their Core Purpose of Making Lives Better, has been a catalyst for the rapid growth of their Franchise Partners and the system as a whole.