Work and life balance restored


The number of people who work from remote locations has skyrocketed in the past few years, thanks to technological advances that have enabled new work opportunities.

Homes have quickly become fully equipped offices with broadband Internet access, laptop, tablets, smartphones and myriad devices to run a business efficiently and effectively.

Max Collins, Director of Social Media Business Boosters says that franchisees within the Social Media Business Boosters system have the flexibility to work from anywhere they choose.

“When working from home, the beach, or anywhere for that matter, our franchisees draw from our online video training and business resources and they connect to our franchise systems like our web based CRM,” says Collins.

“This gives them full access to downloadable resources to top-up their skills, client approach training and network discussion boards with our Trans-Tasman franchisees – all whilst being confident business owners without the need for stock or premises.”

Paula O’Sullivan, a Social Media Business Booster in Sydney, NSW has taken the remote working lifestyle head on.

“My investment in Social Media Business Boosters means I get to run my own business with the support of a franchise network. The training and ongoing support provided by Max and the team gives me the confidence to build on my existing skills to grow and expand my business and take advantage of the opportunities in the market place for the ever growing social media marketing industry,” says Paula.

“I am excited to be able to turn my passion for social media into a work opportunity that has the benefit of enhancing a work and life balance.”

Max Collins mentions Paula as just one example of how self-starters are creating value for others and finding ways to give back. “It is far too easy to allow yourself to be overwhelmed with other people’s agendas and never make any progress towards your own goals and we’re seeing franchisees now that have sought this very real change in the type of business they run,” Collins says.

“We are supporting the shift in remote working by giving our franchisees innovative face-to-face and online training then client referrals to offer specifically tailored social media programs to clients.”

Social media platforms have seen enormous, unprecedented growth over the past few years and continue to impact upon the way we conduct our lives. Social media marketing refers to the global phenomenon of businesses brands and individuals using social media platforms to communicate with a large audience and extend customer relationships. Social media not only provides a new space for businesses to interact with huge numbers of potential consumers every day – it now provides a work opportunity for everyone who has noticed the evolution of the ‘connected consumer’ taking place.

Social Media Business Boosters has grown to 41 franchises across Australia and New Zealand, and is growing internationally with strong demand from the USA, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

“The beauty of our franchise system is that franchisees don’t need to be tech savvy. Often our franchisees expand into training in additional online marketing services and also building a team around them to increase their offering,” said Max.

In addition to a four day franchise induction, franchisees are also provided with comprehensive ongoing support and guidance from head office, including the provision of new business leads.

If you enquire about one franchise in 2012, Max Collins and the Social Media Business Boosters team suggest you make it this one:

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