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The Workplace Revolution is Coming

Digitalisation and new technologies are transforming the nature of work. More than ever, employees are demanding more flexibility, collaborative working environments and digital workspaces.

Traditionally, flexible working was something that working mothers and carers utilised, but how we think about workspace, where we work, and productivity has been changing over time. For smart businesses, this is a revolution that will help attract and retain a wide range of talent, create competitive advantage and cut costs.

IWG is leading the workspace revolution, helping more than 2.5 million people and their businesses to work more productively across 3300 locations in over 1000 towns and cities across more than 110 countries.

Business Franchise magazine spoke with IWG to find out more about the workplace revolution and how potential franchisees fit into this space.

According to IWG, there are three primary reasons why more people are increasingly using flexible workspaces:

  1. Digitalisation and new technologies are changing how people work
  2. People want personal productivity gains
  3. Businesses can benefit, financially and strategically

The rapid growth of technology has changed the landscape of workspaces. Artificial intelligence, automation, virtual and augmented reality are not future technologies they are already here.


Simon van Grootel, Development Director for IWG, explains “Technology is enabling people to work differently, and it has become increasingly easy for a person to plug in, connect with their team and work from anywhere. People can work in a professional environment but close to home.”


“Already, 50 per cent of workers work remotely for at least two and a half days per week.”


Employees know they can work anywhere, and they also know that they can work flexibly to suit their lifestyles. People no longer want to commute for hours each day or move their lives closer to city locations.


According to Damien Sheehan, Country Head of IWG Australia, “Research says that millennials will not accept a job unless there is a flexible working option available in some way or form and 69 per cent would trade in other work package benefits for a better workspace.”


Businesses are seeing the financial and strategic advantages a flexible workspace strategy brings. A flexible workspace approach can cut real estate costs and allows companies to concentrate on their core business.


 “Technology is disrupting every sector, so in the past where companies have taken a lease for 10 years and just set and forget, they don’t necessarily know whether they will need to employ 200 people in 10 years or 800 or 50 people. We see more often this core/flexible type model where a business might lock in a core location for their corporate team but a flexible option for their worker bees so the business can breathe in and out” says Damien.


“We see an opportunity in big regional towns and cities across Australia. As people get sick of the traffic in Melbourne and the traffic in Sydney there is huge potential in areas like Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Newcastle. People no longer need to commute in because technology allows us to connect. Employers benefit too because they can widen their base to attract potential staff in different locations.”


IWG has launched its franchise model in Australia this year and is on the search for suitable and strong partners to help them kick off franchising in Australia. Great opportunities are there for franchise operators to share in the success of IWG’s growing network.

Maybe you could be one of them.

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