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Yamaha Sky Division Australia offers franchisees the chance to fly

The RMAX is a remote controlled helicopter designed specifically for the agricultural industry. The newest member for Yamaha Sky Division Australia weighs in at 99kg, has a total length of 3.63m and a height of 1.08m, and is the ultimate piece of farm machinery for the 21st century.

This new technology allows operators to spray weeds, crops, or spread seed in a more cost effective and accurate manner.  Because RMAX is completely airborne, terrain is no longer an issue.  Spraying dangerous aquatic weeds or accessing uneven ground is all part of the package, and can be done in a time efficient way.  Liquids and granules can be dispersed across a 400m range from the location of the operator, covering approximately 2 acres in just 6 minutes.

This new technology represents a new business opportunity for individuals seeking access to a unique market. Becoming a franchisee of Yamaha Sky Division Australia will see successful candidates offering their clients a service that they cannot access from any other operator in their region.

As the first franchisee to get on board with Yamahas Sky Division Australia, Greg Harris has been heavily involved with their growth and development.  It has allowed him to expand his business drastically, with interest from state government and numerous land owners. 

“I’ve spent 9 years waiting for the approval of this technology, and now that I am fully operable in the ACT I’m working with the ACT government, as well as servicing clients nationally,” Harris stated.

National Sales Manager for Yamaha Sky Division Australia, Mike Johnson is excited about this agricultural innovation, and the opportunities that it will provide franchisees.  

“We’re proud to be releasing this new technology to the Australian agricultural industry,” Johnson said. “RMAX gives franchisees the opportunity to work closely with Yamaha Motor Australia to build a local business that is both sustainable and profitable.”

In order to become a franchisee, candidates are required to meet a number of stringent CASA and Chemical Handling qualifications. This newly acquired skill set will give franchisees a distinct advantage over operators offering similar spraying and cultivation services, and will stand them in good stead to grow their business to a point where there is the potential to operate an entire fleet of RMAX’s across an extensive range of applications.