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Your Future Depends on This …. Energy Efficient Products are Future Proof

Each year we require more energy to power more homes, more schools, more hospitals, more businesses, and of late, to power the growing number of electric vehicles in the community. Yet with no chance of building any more traditional power generation plants to cope with the bloating power loads, prices for energy are set to skyrocket even higher still. Which leaves most homes and businesses, with only two viable options, the first is to create and store their own energy through products such as solar power systems and battery storage devices.

The second option is to become more energy efficient with the use of better insulation, water heating, ventilation, lighting, energy automation products.

Predicted growth industries for the future fall squarely within the SuperGreen Solutions product line-up. These products include solar power, energy storage, green building, wind power, electric vehicle charging and home automation products.

The global brand names that SuperGreen Solutions franchises are able to offer their clients is impressive. With prestigious brands such as Tesla Powerwall, LG and Sonnen battery storage brands, Canadian Solar, JA and LG Solar power products, Rheem, Rinnai and Apricus Solar Hot water ranges, Solatube and Heavenly Skylighting and ventilations products, Fletchers Pink Batts and Autex Insulation Products positions franchisees for success.   


The SuperGreen Solutions story


Sean Cochrane heads up the Australian operations and lends his 23 odd years of local and international energy efficient products experience to the venture. Sean openly accredits much of his franchising knowledge to what he learned when he lived in the USA for three years from a well-known franchise guru, Raymond Titus.

During that period the duo oversaw the opening of some 16 SuperGreen Solutions locations across the USA. They then grew the brand into the global domain with locations in markets such as Canada, Panama, Brazil, the Bahamas and South Africa. Raymond Titus, founder of United Franchise group holds some 1500 odd franchise locations and prestigious brands such as Signarama, EmbroidMe and is the SuperGreen Solutions master franchisor outside of Australia.

With founders, like these, the business has a solid pedigree and business formula with systems, structures and procedures that have been tried, tested and proven in many markets. As such, the image, feel, and product range is fresh, new and ever-evolving. But what is not new, is the ever-escalating price of energy and the amount of pollution in our environment.

The trusted leading brand name products that SuperGreen Solutions offers, positions franchisees to uniquely provide their clients with ‘bundled products & discount solutions’ placing them in an excellent position. These solutions work equally as well for homeowners, builders and commercial clients, as escalating power bills are indiscriminate.


High demand for energy efficient products

In light of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, solar power and battery storage and energy efficient products are now even more in demand.

SuperGreen Solutions have seen a higher increase in calls and demand for purchases on solar and battery storage products, atmospheric water filters and air filters, and energy saving products.

With the community more concerned about having no power, others about rising power prices and the cost of living in the current crisis SuperGreen Solutions are seeing the energy efficient market sector and our product range jump in demand.


SuperGreen Solutions deploys Tesla Powerwalls in major developments


SuperGreen Solutions are proud to be part of industry leading technology, and to be working with the Maidment Group and some of Queensland’s leading builders to supply and install Tesla Powerwall’s and Solar power systems into 95 per cent of resident’s homes at Harris Crossing. With hundreds of Solar Power and Tesla Powerwalls already deployed in this estate, its rapidly being emulated far and wide by other developers. 

This is an excellent example of how developers, builders and energy efficient products specialists like SuperGreen Solutions can work together to ensure that homeowners can build future proof homes, that generate, store and consumer their own energy day and night. All the while, saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making these homes more resilient to power outages and blackouts all the while accessing the suns free & clean solar power, both day and night. It’s clear to see that this is a great indicator as to how housing estates of the future will be built and how energy efficient product suppliers like SuperGreen integrate with builders, developers and homeowners to make it all happen. Could this be you in your area?


SuperGreen Solutions franchise model – competitive advantages


SuperGreen Solutions offers an outstanding business opportunity that truly is environmentally friendly. From the start, franchisees will be able to promote themselves as a reliable, credible, authority with leading brands of energy efficient products as well as being a part of one of the world’s largest business service franchise systems.

Super Green Solutions has a unique angle that makes them perfectly poised to take advantage of this new age of energy shortage. They have not one but two franchise models.

The SuperGreen Solutions Showroom model – this is a bricks and mortar, energy efficient products showroom that builders use to send clients to, to choose products for their new homes. Or the green destination that the general population uses to compare, see, touch and feel the products that they wish to acquire to start saving money with.

The SuperGreen Direct model – which is simply a condensed SuperGreen Solutions Showroom on wheels. This agile and low costly version enables the franchisee to take the products and services directly to where the builders, consumers, or clients need the products or service. It’s ideal for home shows, trade fairs, eco fiestas, new home display villages, builders and homeowners that would like to see what they are buying first.

These disruptive SuperGreen Solutions franchise offerings are businesses that are agile, fresh and topical. Because they provide the solutions and products that the world needs for today and tomorrow, yet they are well thought out with decades of pedigree that relies on systems and procedures that will keep them and their franchisees one step ahead of the game, in this every changing market.   


Want a business that has six of the top 20 future growth products in its product range?  Look no further than SuperGreen Solutions Energy Efficient products Showrooms and SuperGreen Direct Mobile franchises. Contact us today.


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