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You’re Invited: A Discussion on Misconduct Risk in Franchising

PPB Advisory, Piper Alderman and Smart Franchise invite you to a multi-disciplinary panel discussion analysing the exposure faced by franchisors for the misconduct of its franchisee network and how franchisees can manage this risk and even make it a tool for success.

The headlines over the last 18 months have consistently included allegations of wage underpayment, many in franchise networks. It has never been more apparent that franchisors, while they may not be the legal employer of the underpaid, can still be held accountable by the regulators, shareholders and importantly, consumers.

The government has taken significant steps to change the landscape of franchising, including increasing regulator powers, the establishment of a taskforce and the proposal of The Vulnerable Workers Bill 2017 which could increase the exposure to franchisors for the conduct of their franchisees. In an increasingly complex industry, the stakes are now higher than they have ever been for franchisors when franchisees are involved in wage transgressions.

The panel discussion will cover points including:

  • Red flags for underpayment

  • Accessorial liability – when is it triggered?

  • What are the consequences for a franchisor if my franchisee does not pay his or her staff properly?

  • What is reasonable monitoring of my network, what lengths does a regulator expect me to go to?

  • What systems can I put in place to manage this risk and how can I turn this into a positive for my business to equip myself with invaluable commercial data?

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 25 May 2017

Time: 7:15am – 9:00am

Venue: PPB Advisory, Level 7, 8 Chiffley Tower, Sydney NSW 2000

RSVP: Thursday 18 May 2017 (Places are limited)

To RSVP, fill in this form to register your interest.

For further information, contact Josephine Chow on +61 3 9269 4140 or