Zambrero and Foodbank partner to combat hunger in Australia


Zambrero and Australia’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank, have again partnered to continue to combat the growing problem of hunger in Australia.  

The humanitarian Mexican food franchise has released the Hazillo Brownie – a dark chocolate and hazelnut brownie with a hint of guajillo chilli – as the newest addition to their growing retail line which contributes the company’s Plate 4 Plate initiative.

Zambrero founder, philanthropist and medical doctor, Sam Prince, said: “It has always been our vision that the success of our business would help us help others. Through Plate 4 Plate we’ve assisted communities in Australia and all over the world, and in turn educated our customers about the power of their purchase within our restaurants.” 

Sales of the brownie ($3.90) will contribute to much needed food relief through the initiative, where for each brownie sold, a rice and beans meal is donated to an Australian in need through Foodbank.  

“When we first learnt that hunger was a growing problem in our own backyard, we knew that Zambrero was positioned to be able to provide help,’ says CEO, Karim Messih.  “Since the launch of our muesli bars and black rice in 2015, Zambrero have helped donate over 21,000 meals to Australians in need. The launch of the Hazillo Brownie means we can now do more to help the hunger crisis in Australia.”

The launch coincides with the release of Foodbank’s Hunger Report which found that 1 in 6 Australians have experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months. 

Foodbank Australia’s General Manager, Sarah Pennell said, “There is a proportion of Australians who do not share in the prosperity of the lucky country. In fact for them the basics of life, food, housing, healthcare and education have become less affordable over time. For these financially stressed households it doesn’t take much to tip them into food insecurity – the winter electricity bill, car trouble or medical expenses can all make the difference between eating or not.”

“Zambrero’s support enables us to provide more meals to people in need which is the first step to them having a brighter future.”

The report – the most in depth of its kind in Australia – also found that Australian charities are struggling with the increasing number of people requiring food relief. Over 43,000 people are being turned away empty handed each month due to a lack of resources. 

The Hazillo Brownie is now on sale in over 100 Zambrero restaurants nationwide joining Zambrero’s wholesome muesli bars ($3.00) and 500g packets of black rice ($7.90). 

Dr. Sam Prince, Founder of Zambrero, Sarah Pennell, General Manager of FoodBank Australia, Karim Messih, CEO of Zambrero