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Zambrero Celebrates the Donation of 10 Million Meals!

Last night Zambrero, a healthy quick service Mexican restaurant with a mission, celebrated the donation of 10 million meals to those facing food scarcity through their Plate 4 Plate initiative.

Through the Plate 4 Plate initiative Zambrero has created a global movement to end world hunger, mobilising Mexican and healthy food lovers across Australia and the globe to ‘eat to beat world hunger’. 

Zambrero founder, philanthropist and medical doctor, Dr Sam Prince, comments: “It has always been our vision that the success of Zambrero would help us help others. The Plate 4 Plate initiative is the beating heart of our business so we are so grateful that thousands of employees, customers and communities across Australia and the globe have helped us tackle this issue head on.”

The Plate 4 Plate initiative, created by Dr Sam Prince, works on the simple but effective concept, for every burrito or bowl purchased at a Zambrero restaurant a meal is donated to someone in need. The meal is made from rice and soy and invigorated with 23 essential vitamins and nutrients. Communities receive these packs and then use what local ingredients are available to make meals, primarily via school feeding programs. To distribute the meals to those in need Zambrero works with two key distribution partners, Stop Hunger Now and Foodbank Australia, both hunger relief agencies. Stop Hunger Now distributes the food globally whilst Foodbank Australia distributes meals locally.  Initially the Plate 4 Plate initiative tackled hunger in the developing world but it came to Zambrero’s attention that food scarcity was a growing issue in Australia. Recently Foodbank Australia’s Hunger Report highlighted 1 in 6 Australian’s face food scarcity. The Plate 4 Plate initiative further evolved with the introduction of a retail range, which took on the same one for one meal format. For every packet of Forbidden Black Rice, muesli bar or Hazillo brownie sold a meal is donated to someone in Australia facing hunger.

CEO Karim Messih says, “Fundamental to the achievement of the 10 million meals milestone is Zambrero’s modern, healthy and fresh take on Mexican food as well as our unique and quick service style. It means customers come back time and time again to get their Mexican fix which directly helps us to try and fix the issue of food scarcity.”

“For Zambrero the future means ending world hunger. We have 135 restaurants globally and we are set to open one a week until the end of the year in Australia. Our growing family of passionate franchisees will be able to reach even more communities, increasing our capacity to serve delicious healthy Mexican food and in turn donate meals.”

Zambrero is holding their annual volunteer meal packing day, to pack meals for distribution working with their partner Stop Hunger Now, on the 21st October. It will take place across 5 metro cities in Australia.

Details to be announced shortly, so head to to find out more in the coming weeks.

For more information on Zambrero’s Plate 4 Plate initiative please visit