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Zarraffa’s Coffee – Training for Business Success

Zarraffa’s Coffee, established in 1996, was originally a roasting house operating from the backstreets of Southport on the Gold Coast. Back then, customers would come in for their daily coffee and enjoy a fresh brew perched on a hessian bag full of green coffee beans yet to be roasted by founder and Managing Director Kenton Campbell.

From one store, Kenton has grown the privately-owned company into a franchise operation that is synonymous with quality coffee and in late 2012, took the brand bicoastal to the coffee-loving region of Western Australia.

‘An individual perfect cup of coffee – every time’ is the company’s mantra, mission and customer expectation and the business is built on a strong franchise system and foundation of franchise and barista training.

The company offers a full start-up training program at its new national base of operations – a 5.4-hectare site, located midway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane that also houses the award-winning roastery.

“We often refer to ourselves as a training business,” explains Mr Campbell. “We cover practical training, marketing, management and accounting and the business provides comprehensive operations manuals, as well as full support from the franchise management team.”

“We ensure you have the tools of the trade and know-how to effectively run your business.”

It is this training and support from Zarraffa’s Coffee’s head office in Eagleby that has seen many franchisees become multi-store operators, who are looking to continually reinvest in the brand.

“That has probably been the best indication of how we are faring in the competitive franchise landscape; the fact that so many of our franchisees are long term and who are now employing their kids in the business, with a number taking on two, three or more stores.”

First time franchisee but long time Zarraffa’s Coffee team member Trent Moody and his business partner Oliver Humphry made the move to their first store in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, opening the doors to their Belmont North store in December 2017.

“We both spent lots of time researching the local market and we were awed by the local coffee culture,” Mr Moody said. “I was lucky enough to be a part of the launch of the Zarraffa’s brand in Townsville, and the reception to well-made, individualised coffee, available to dine in or drive through, was phenomenal.”

Having worked together at the Worongary store, the first Zarraffa’s Coffee Drive Thru on the Gold Coast, both Trent and Oliver had first-hand experience with the systems and processes of the company that ensured that the store not only represented the brand as its flagship drive

thru location, but also achieved success as a business as well as thrive in the burgeoning takeaway coffee market.

“The investment into the franchise is good value when you take into consideration the support you get from head office,” says Mr Moody. “It’s nice to be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone who is an expert, whether it’s someone from the training, operations, marketing, legal, accounts or the team in the roastery, it’s great to be able to have that support.”

Eighteen months later and both the investment and relocation to open a store in a new market have reaped positive results.

“The response has been ridiculously amazing. Everyone in the community has supported us so much around everything that they do.” Reflecting on the company’s growth to date Mr Campbell said at its core it had been a two decade, (and counting), love affair with coffee that had driven the Zarraffa’s family of businesses to date.

Mr Campbell said at its core it had been a two decade, (and counting), love affair with coffee that had driven the Zarraffa’s family of businesses to date

“Our brand is a home to small business owners who are like-minded and motivated, and there’s plenty more room for those interested in joining the Zarraffa’s herd.”

The unique aspect of Zarraffa’s Coffee is that, while they’ve been around for over 20 years, they’re still run by the family that started the company. For Mr Moody, this sets Zarraffa’s apart from their competition. “That really distinguishes the brand for us from everything else out there because they still have the personal touch around everything that they do.”

If you’re looking for your next business adventure, visit the Zarraffa’s Coffee website for more information and their list of current opportunities across Australia.