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Zarraffa’s Coffee

The United Blends of Zarraffa’s

New business opportunities and changing careers are key motivators to looking at franchise business opportunities. Zarraffa’s Coffee houses a wide range of franchise partners, whose diversity of experience is what makes the Aussie-owned company such a success.

Taking determined strides in its New South Wales expansion this year, including the recent opening of the Bankstown store in Sydney, the company has built a solid reputation throughout Queensland and planted roots in the west, all achieved through cohesive partnerships with franchisees.

‘We are lucky to have enjoyed incredible loyalty from within the brand. For example, our Western Australian franchisees, the Meylers – who recently opened our first purpose-built drive thru in Clarkson, WA – packed up their life in Brisbane to cross the country and run our first WA stores in 2014,’ explained Zarraffa’s founder and managing director Kenton Campbell, who established the thriving coffee franchise business in 1996.

The Meylers’ story echoes many within the Zarraffa’s brand who have pursued a new business adventure, whether across the Nullabor or within a closer suburban locale.

Joanne and Paul Brierley were former customers who felt that their local area in Cairns needed great drive-through coffee – a need made more obvious after the birth of their twins, Anna and Nathan, and the struggles of getting out of the car with three children in tow.

‘I made an enquiry about franchising with Zarraffa’s at around this time,’ said Mrs Brierley. ‘I had always been really passionate about customer service, and we had wanted a business of our own as a means to secure our family’s future. The stars must have been in alignment, with a drive-thru site already under construction near the Cairns Showgrounds Shopping Centre.

‘Up until then I had worked in government for 14 years and had 10 years’ experience in managing staff. These skills and background, combined with my interest in the product and people, were ultimately what drove our move to open the first Cairns store.’

Another pathway to franchisee ownership has been through store management. While a number of franchisees in the group have worked in stores, Trent Moody relocated from the Gold Coast to help open the first Townsville franchise as manager of The Lakes store, but with an eye on one day owning his own store with his business partner Oliver Humphry, who managed the Worongary (Gold Coast) store.

When the opportunity arose, both Trent and Oliver relocated to Belmont – situated outside Newcastle, NSW – identifying that the greater Newcastle area had a thriving coffee culture that they believed would respond favourably to Zarraffa’s brand of coffee.

‘We both spent lots of time researching the local market and we were awed by the local coffee culture,’ Mr Moody said. ‘I was lucky enough to be a part of the launch of the Zarraffa’s brand in Townsville, and the reception to well-made, individualised coffee, available to dine in or drive through, was phenomenal.’

‘We have always placed high value on upskilling and bringing people through the system; furnishing them with the opportunity to create a sustainable living by doing what they love,’ said Mr Campbell. ‘So it was with great pride that we opened the Belmont North store in late 2017, run by two ex-store managers who had worked tirelessly to build the franchise businesses of other owners, while still maintaining the dream to one day run their very own store.’

As luck would have it, the Belmont store opening coincided with a personal milestone in Trent Moody’s life that increased his understanding of why quality, accessible coffee was so essential to people in the day to day.

‘It was always a great business to be in, with 5am starts, but my partner and I became parents to a baby girl around the time of the store opening and I quickly discovered that broken sleep and late nights can generally be dulled with a great coffee – or two – across the day,’ he joked. ‘We’re almost 18 months into the franchisee journey now, and both Oliver and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great business to be in – making someone’s day through the simple art of a cup of coffee.’


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