Zarraffa’s Coffee Opens in WA


After purchasing the One For the Road coffee chain sites earlier this year, Australian-owned and operated, Zarraffa’s Coffee will commence operations in WA today.

A staged rollout of the five drive thru stores over the next month – four located in suburban Perth and one in Kalgoorlie – kicks off today with the opening of the Zarraffa’s (pronounced Za-raff-ahs) Coffee Canning Vale store, located on the corner Ranford and Campbell Roads, Canning Vale.

The additional four stores in the chain will re-open as Zarraffa’s branded sites throughout the month of November and into December.

Zarraffa’s Coffee CEO, Kenton Campbell has spent many weeks on the ground in WA with his new barista teams, all of whom were offered ongoing employment in the transition, and is excited to be able to introduce his award-winning blends and popular drinks menu to the West.

“Our entire operation is excited to finally see the Zarraffa’s giraffe ‘land’ in Western Australia. Our brand is well recognised in Queensland and northern NSW with 55 stores currently operating traditional and drive thru store sites, and opening in the West is the culmination of a total team effort.”

All five stores will offer both hot and cold drink choices and maintain a customer focus to constantly improve their convenience coffee experience.

“We’ve been on the ground at a store level since taking over the businesses, learning from the market, adapting our menu to suit; always with an eye to operating the stores as Zarraffa’s Coffee by the end of the year.”

“I understand there will be some reluctance to change from what One For The Road customers have come to expect from each location. Our teams have been excited by the new menu offering throughout their training and we hope our customers will be too.”

With its head office in Queensland the coffee franchisor will eventually seek franchisees for the sites but will concentrate on service and operation for the immediate future.

“The bottom line is we are serious about our coffee, roasting our own blends, constantly testing our products and incorporating both customer and our franchisee feedback to shape our business.”

“We are establishing our brand in the West for the long term and look forward to winning over new customers, one cup at a time.”