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FC Business Solutions

FC Business Solutions (FC) is a fully integrated consultancy firm, specialising in developing, growing and marketing all types of businesses, including franchise systems.


Our mission is to provide the guidance and skills which all businesses – irrespective of size and type – need in order to develop professional and successful organisations that promote growth and innovation.


We offer the resources and skills for all businesses to use, providing a holistic approach that will satisfy stakeholders and customers.


For example, from a multi-site chain, a  start-up franchise, a sole trader or a small franchise that wants to grow or needs to discover a fresh approach, FC can provide all the support and advice needed – such as strategy; due diligence; operational review; Board advice; marketing; HR; culture; industry, employment and regulatory compliance.


With a hand-picked talent pool that has decades of experience in all areas of business, FC understands all the challenges and opportunities that running a successful business encounters. Director, Corina Vucic, is highly regarded in the business community and her advice is sought by governments, Boards and industry bodies alike. She, and her team, have the expert knowledge, experience and ability to work with you in a partnership that will make your business compliant, your product and/or service the best it can be, and your brand highly recognised in the marketplace.


FC can provide you with all or just some of our services which your business may need – this allows you the flexibility to manage our involvement within your budgetary and timeframe guidelines.


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