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Micronet Systems Australia (HARMONIQ)

Make your franchise operation more streamlined, personal and powerful – with the revolutionary, all-in-one software you’ll never grow out of.

HARMONIQ from Micronet offers all the features you need to manage a far-flung franchise network and fine tune your buiness performance. In a single, scaleable system that can grow as you grow.

  • All-in-one sales, accounting, business management and ERP software
  • Inventory/warehouse management, stock control, workflow automation, sales orders & quotes, retail POS, plus…
  • Integrated eMarketing and Customer Relationship Management

It’s a simple, powerful, easy to use and unbelievably fexible – the first in its category that can be truly personalised to the way you want your franchise to operate, and your people to work together.

And it boasts the smallest implementation footprint and fastest customisation times in the industry!

With HARMONiQ you’ll have:

  • On-the-go access to all your franchise outlets
  • Seamless collaboration between all sites and departments
  • Ability to measure business performance in real time
  • Flexibility to easily add or delete functions, customise to your exact needs now and grow with your changing needs in the future

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Contact: Drew Arthur, Managing Director.

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