International Franchising

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<p><strong>CGB Publishing</strong>&nbsp;offers localised franchising&nbsp;news and advice around the world. Click the flags for country-specific information.</p>

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<p>With a background spanning over three decades, <strong>CGB Publishing</strong> is the mainstay of franchising publications on a global scale.</p>

<p>Since its inception, <strong>CGB Publishing </strong>has empowered, educated and informed the potential franchisee, looking to buy their own successful franchise business.&nbsp;We understand the importance of the franchising industry to the economy, and continue to share our experience and expertise to empower dedicated entrepreneurs.</p>

<p>Providing a multi-media approach to franchisors and service providers, <strong>CGB Publishing</strong> offers global <a href="">advertising solutions</a> via print, digital, web, social media, eDMs, and newsletters. Offering diverse franchise products on a global scale, we offer a focused business model. We know franchising and we do it well.</p>

<p>Complementing our paper formats, the electronic magazine versions (available <a href="">online</a> or&nbsp;via <a href="" target="_blank">Apple and Android apps</a>) offers flexibility for&nbsp;potential franchisees and business owners in a downloadable format, and is accessible on over 130 online distribution channels including popular sites such as&nbsp;iTunes, Amazon, and <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and <a href="">issuu</a>.</p>

<p>Today, individuals are looking for reliable and timely information 24/7 and Business Franchise Australia &amp; New Zealand Magazine, <a href="">Franchising USA Magazine</a> and <a href="">Canadian Franchise&nbsp;Magazine</a> gives a global avenue to franchisees and franchisors alike.</p>